Spier began in the music scene back in 2009 spinning genres like Hardstyle, Happy Hardcore and Trance. He first discovered his love to move and resonate with a crowd when he first witnessed recap footage of music festivals from Australia, Germany and Holland. After learning that there was a following in Minneapolis, he quickly made friends going to events talking with local music artists and DJs.

Upon being introduced to DJ Noise, he was introduced to a new world of music. With this introduction to Industrial, EBM, Electro and genres therein alike, his musical tastebuds exploded with this new underground world to explore which introduced him to his ‘Home away from Home’ known as Ground Zero.

2013-2017: noise, dv8 and Spier begin to tech the Hotdish Caberet, CONvergence and Forbidden Bazaar together along with saucy humans and sassy midwestern attitudes at both Ground Zero and other venues. This is where his musical library begins to flourish and expand, exploring new artists influenced by his role models and best friends.

2017-Present: Through his ambition and drive to reach his goals of being a local DJ and expanding his musical education, Spier was asked to join the Ground Zero DJs on their featured night known as Bondage-A-Go-Go. This was the dream ever since his first attendance at this club in 2013; Today you can find him most Saturdays either dancing his heart and soul out with you on the dance floor or spinning to make you flow to the moving sounds of the dark music you’ve come to Ground Zero for.