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Thursday a Go Go
DJs: dv8, Jarvis
We're here to provide a soundtrack for your nightly wind-down, or for the nightmares for going to sleep early, or for a renegade late-hour beach party where the neighbors keep screaming to turn down the music, you darn kids! Whatever your needs, let us help you make the evening right.
The Garden
DJs: Fenris, noise
Every Sunday afternoon, DJs noise and Fenris cultivate a bouquet of chilled beats and lazy, atmospheric vibes.
Hard Mondays Volume 2, Edition 9
DJs: dv8, Fenris, Nitrogen, noise
Hey- we've been doing this for over a year now, where have you been? Well, it's nice that you can join the party now, there's still plenty of room to hang out with us and enjoy some tunes. Stay a while.
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