Sitri is a GoGo and Tribal Fusion Dancer. She loves getting to promote a fun, energetic, accepting atmosphere through dance, in the company of a really great group of people. Body-positivity, sex-positivity, and empowerment are all important parts of Sitri’s message. She hopes to inspire others to have the courage to be more wholly themselves.

Image of Sitri in all black backstage at Ground Zero.

She laid her dance roots in dark club nights in the Twin Cities in 2007, spending long nights on the dance floor. She began studying tribal fusion bellydance in 2016, which is now her primary dance style. You can catch Sitri dancing around town, as well as teaching Beginner Fusion Bellydance. Check her website – – for upcoming shows and more info about classes. Sitri also dabbles in other dance forms, having studied multiple forms of belly dance, burlesque, pole dancing, twerking, various funk styles, and a smattering of other styles.

Let’s dance! Find Sitri on Instagram and Facebook.

Image of Sitri in red and black back stage at Ground Zero.