an August Go Go in August – 08 August, 2020

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DJs: noise, Fenris, dv8

(V) Puscifer – Apocalyptical
(V) Gary Numan – When The World Comes Apart
MATTE BLVK – Pure (Street Cleaner Remix)
SIRUS – The Book Of Gates (Take Control Mix)
Sierra – Leftover (ROUGE Remix)
(V) Randolph & Mortimer – Enjoy More
(V) I Ya Toyah – It’s No Good
(V) VNV Nation – When Is The Future
Technolorgy – Gimp
[:SITD:] – Drowning In Flame
(V) Front Line Assembly – Eye On You
(V) Funker Vogt – Feel The Pain
(V) ESA feat. Corlyx – Eat Their Young
Memmaker – København Robotic Youth
MOAAN EXIS – Believe
Wulfband – Kaos MF
(V) Hatari – Engin Miskunn
Aesthetische – Barking Up The Wrong Tree (edit. feat. Sascha Klein)
Skinny Puppy – Inquisition (Single Mix)
(V) Statiqbloom – Restless
(V) Zwaremachine – Be A Light
Nuclear*Sun – Relatively Perfect (Solar SexUs Remix)
God Module – Phenomenon (Absynthe Of Faith Remix)
(V) Skeleton Hands – City Lights
New Order – Temptation (7″ Version)
(V) Faderhead feat. Solar Fake – I Did Not Know
Apoptygma Berzerk – Disarm (Alex O. Mix)
Helix – Expensive Things (Antiscion Remix)
Seabound – Domination

(V) BT – Never Gonna Come Back Down
(V) Faithless – We Come 1
Love and Rockets – So Alive (DJ Genesis breaks remix)
ILS – Cherish (Adam Freeland mix)
Sunscreem – Love U More (Stefan Ainon remix)
Studio-X vs. Simon Carter – Our Promise (2020 version)
System Syn – Like every Insect (the Synthetic Dream Foundation remix)
Icon of Coil – Shelter (Analogue Brain remix)
Modulate – Bass Alert
(V) Blutengel – Disobedience
(V) Frozen Plasma – Age After Age
(V) Solitary Experiments – Immortal
(V) Chris Connelly – Stowaway
(V) Moby – My Only Love
(V) Arco – Touch the Sun (video edit)
(V) Bob Moses & ZHU – Desire
Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus (Felton & Raphael Siqueira remix)
Chauninho Brasil & Harmonika – O Fortuna (Doubkore remix)
(R) Tom Swoon & Stadiumx – Ghost
(V) the Anix – Ephemeral Mask
Meg Myers – Desire (Hucci remix)
Fragrance. – Freed From Desire
(V) Bel Canto – a Shoulder to the Wheel
(V) Aesthetic Perfection – Supernatural
(V) Junksista – Trust No Bitch
(V) Bring Me the Horizon – Parasite Eve
(V) Technical Hitch – the Logical Indian
(V) AronChupa, Little Sis Nora – Thai Massage

(V) Assemblage 23 – Alive
Cultivated Bimbo – Mr. Rubber (2020 remix)
Dances with the Dead – Ravens in the Sky
(V) Nyxx – Nightmare
(V) The Rain Within – Murder
(V) Basszilla – Hell Rave
Kant Kino – Temptation Raw
Donbor – Brume
ES23 – Taking Me Down (Shiv-R remix)
(V) Pete Crane – Tear You Apart
(R) Eisenbrecher – This is Deutsch (SITD remix)
Zoltan Freitag – Too Millions Miles Away
(V) TR/ST – Rescue, Mister
Llumen – Lifeline (Shibari mix)
Aesthetische feat. Sascha Klein – Barking Up the Wrong Tree
Blitzkrieg Baby – Kid’s World (remix)
Armageddon Dildos – Heut Nacht (club mix)
Binary Park feat. Daniel Myer – Human (Rob Dust’s Big Beatz mix)
Steril – Black Jesus
(V) Omnimar – Sadizm
Psy’Aviah feat. Mari Kattman – Searching (J. Wolff’s mix)
(V) Faderhead feat. Solar Fake – I Did Not Know
SDH – No Miracles
Blutengel – Hourglass of Life (Massive Ego remix)
Diffuzion – Still Believe (Aesthetische remix)
(V) X-Marks the Pedwalk – The Side of the Wrong
[SITD] – The Devil’s Tongue
Accessory – No Man Covers (Neustrohm remix)
Avarice in Addio feat. Assemblage 23 – I Pray
(V) Aganoize – A Vampire Tale
(R) Hocico – Dead Trust
(R) Psycho Bitch – Menschdefekt
(R) Blakopz vs. Nitro/Noise – Debris Machine
(V) Front Line Assembly – Virus (Corona edit)
Cyferdyne – Breathe Deeper
(V) Diskonneketed – Conspiracy
(R) Thornsectide – The Fallen Pt. 2
(V) Extize – Gothbusters

an August Go Go in August – set 1 – Fenris
an August Go Go in August – set 2 – noise
an August Go Go in August – set 3 – dv8