Ground Zero – Dungeon Rules

If you are interested in submitting to the Mistress, please sign up with Our Majordomo. We will need assurances that you want to participate. Do not let friends talk you into doing something you don’t want to do.

We will refuse patrons who are too inebriated to give proper consent or to comply with our orders. We will refuse patrons who exhibit belligerence or poor boundary control. We will refuse patrons who exhibit poor personal hygiene.

Be respectful. Don’t come up to Us while We are in a scene with another patron to ask “How does this all this work?” Wait until the scene is clearly over to come up and talk to Us. Our time is valuable and so is that of the other club patrons. You may ask Us questions, but We will often not have time nor inclination to chit-chat. There are often other patrons already in queue, waiting to come up.

Know what you want. We encourage you to watch the show and take note of what turns you on. Think about how much pain/sensation you like and be ready to rate it on a scale of 1-10. Are you more into thuddy or stingy sensations? Do you want Us to leave marks? (Some marks can last for days or weeks). Would you prefer to be in a sitting position in the chair or a standing position? Would you like to be blindfolded or not? Would you like to be gagged or not?

Let Us know of any injuries or physical restrictions we should be aware of. Also let Us know if you have a latex allergy.

If you are new to BDSM, please understand that this is not some macho endurance contest. Pain is inflicted for the purpose of stimulating your endorphins and is meant to be pleasurable. This is not a “test” to see how much pain you can take.

– Bondage with leather restraints or even with saran wrap
– Flogging and other impact play (thuddy or stingy?)
– Spanking
– Trampling
– Sensation play with wartenberg pinwheels and other instruments
– Sensation play with hot wax and/or ice cubes
– Face slapping
– Clothespin torture and clothespin zippers
– External vibrators
– Boot worship / body worship
– We can also play with couples / two people at the same time

This is by no means a complete list, but something to get you started.

– No full nudity. Nice, clean, and sexy undies or thongs are required for all genders. Nipple tape is required for all people with nipples. We have tape available.
– No sex or penetration of ANY kind. Don’t EVEN dare ask.
– No blood play or piercing.
– No watersports, scat play, roman showers, etc.

– YELLOW = Slow down, check-in to see how things are.
– RED = Stop! It’s too much. I’ve had enough. We’re done.
– GREEN = Good-To-Go.
In the case of a gag/mask, the Mistress will provide you with a signal to give when you need a “check in”.

Be responsive when We are working on you! Nothing turns Us on more than the dulcet tones of a moaning and squirming submissive. It lets Us know you’re having fun, which in turn makes Us hot, which leads to more fun for you. And, it makes for a super fucking hot show for the audience!