a Midsummer Awakening
10:00 PM doors / $15, $10 in costume / cash-only bar / 21+
Lord Oberon will be played by Justice of Dragons, the amazing Angela Higgins is once again Mistress Titania, and the indestructible Aidan Kol is as always your favorite Nic Bottom.
This wonderful June our 4 fairies Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth, and Mustardseed will be played by Jolissa Ladson, Amir Kinara, Jesse C-a Megan the Man Eater, and Aria Arcana!
Come Elf, Fairy, Faun, and Drow
Entangled Lovers, Giant, Dwarf and Gnome
Welcome all to a world of love and fright,
For on this most auspicious night
stirring passions are a must
as your nightmares shall turn to lust.
Puck shall entice finding heaven within a hell
Where myth and magic are sure to dwell.
Be swept away by the faerie four
As Cobweb, Mustard Seed,
Peace Blossom and Moth leave you wanting more.
Lord Oberon’s passion may fuel your fire,
and Mistress Tatiana may turn your desire.
Join us on this journey in the making
and enter this Midsummer Awakening.
This June get swept away into:
A Midsummer Awakening
Join us in costume as an Elf, Fairy, Faun, Drow, Giant, Dwarf, Gnome, Satyr, Amazonian, demi god, werecreature, or a character from either Celtic or Greek mythology. Bonus points to anyone that shows up as a sexy Shakespear.
Witness an onslaught of entertainment including Visual Projection, Fire Performance, Aerial Arts, Pole Dance, Belly Dance, Burlesque, and more. Expect your senses to be set ablaze and get your dancing shoes on, the non-stop dance floor is sure to Erupt!!!
Costumes encouraged but not required