A Very Merry Unbirthday
10:00 PM doors / $15, $10 in costume / cash-only bar / 21+
Join us for our Twisted Alice in Wonderland themed cosplay dance party, naughty cabaret, and Dilettante fashion parade!
All you need to do to get on stage for the Dilettante Fashion Parade is to show up in costume dressed up in the style of or as your favorite character from any Alice in Wonderland tale or the greater Magical Kingdom if you’d prefer. It doesn’t matter if you bought your costume off the shelf, or spent hours hand crafting it. This costume party is about you having the chance to wear something you enjoy, and flaunting it on stage in the fashion parade.
Did Covid ruin your birthday plans and you’re still not over it?
Don’t be late for this very important date!
Come say hello forget goodby.
We’ll blow the candles out tonight,
and make our dreams come true.
It’s a Very Merry Unbirthday
for me and you.
Special appearances by:
Angela Hazmat as the Queen of Hearts
Justice of Dragons as the Jabberwocky
Aria Arcana as Alice
Johhny Angel and Allison Diverde as The Tweedles,
Cheshire Reväl as the Cheshire Cat
Cassandra Anne Noir as The White Rabbit
Jackson Buth as Twisted Alice
Aidan as the Door Mouse
Yoda as the Matt Hadder with , Edn Forge as Alice’s Hell Hound, Lilith Corruptela, Raziel Arkane
Body art by Matthew Goettsch – Tessa Von Ives, Ranaebo Warrior
Local vendor/artists Jordan Bovee’, Miss Astro Spook, HCTMDesigns, RPM Designs, Art with Interest, Breanna Thompson Art, Pinakoooala
Photo booth by Anne Fry Photography
Stage photos by ClockworkSteve, Captain Knots, and LocoFX
Dilettante Fashion Parade by all of You cuz it’s your UnBirthday too!
Entry fee is $15
Only $10 if you’re in costume!
A Very Merry Unbirthday is an event from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. If you are looking for costume inspiration please reference the book or one of the many movies inspired by the original creation.
This April 15th
Witness an onslaught of entertainment including Visual Projection, Fire Performance, Aerial Arts, Burlesque, and more.
Expect your senses to be set ablaze and get your dancing shoes on, the non-stop dance floor is sure to Erupt!!!
Costumes encouraged but not required