This is an online-only event!
Ground Zero’s Halloween Dance and Virtual Costume Contest
09:00 PM start / Free online event / Join the stream here
DJs: Private: DJ SLT, dv8, Fenris, Lorth, noise, Private: Overdrive, Spier

Dress your scary best and share this spooky night with us as we try to make sure we’re all still able to don our costumes and celebrate the best holiday of the year in style and with friends. We’re gathering as many of the Ground Zero djs as we can cram into one night for an intense barrage of holiday-appropriate music.


PLUS- you’ll be able to participate in a virtual costume contest with prizes via our Jitsi channel. We’ll place you virtually on our stage to show off your stuff, after which Twitch participants will be able to cast a limited number of votes on who has the best outfit, costume, or general representation of the malaise of 2020.


How this will work:

Showing your costume
The costume contest will be held at 11:30pm Central Time.
Participants will be asked to join a Jitsi channel.  Jitsi is an open-source alternative to Zoom that functions within your browser or as an app on your phone.  There will be a link on this page the night of the event as well as in-channel chat on our Twitch stream.
Each participant in costume will be presented to our Twitch audience along with their costume name on our virtual stage.
Once all participants have been shown, we will quickly cycle through presenting all participants again so Twitch viewers can get an additional look.


Those wishing to vote on costumes will need to be logged in to Twitch.
Twitch users will have the opportunity to vote three times using a virtual ballot by spending channel “spanks” at no cost.
Each of the three votes can be for separate costumes, all the same costume, or any allotment as the voter sees fit.  Twitch will automatically limit voters to just three votes.
Once all the voting is complete, our moderators will tabulate the votes and a winner(s) will be announced!  In the event of a tie, the djs of the evening have discretion to determine a tie-breaker.


Prizes depend on the number of overall participants but may include:
Channel subscriptions
Promotional music on cd
Ground Zero apparel


Remember- the whole point of this is to have fun!  Yes, you could probably rig the voting by logging in with many accounts, but why do that?  We love you all anyhow, so we automatically think you each have the best costume.

Come party safely with us!