Loki’s Magic Ball at RaptureMN
10:00 PM doors / $10 / cash-only bar / 21+
DJs: Mama Sauce, Jen Symmetry, Britta Bader, Cosmic Bitch

With Guest appearances from Heimdall, Thor, Odin, Jörmungandr, the Tesseract, the Valkyrie, the Dark Elves, the Frost Giants, Sylvie, Loki, Loki, Loki, Loki, Loki, and probably Loki
Rapturemn is now officially a part of the Marvelous Multiverse!

A night of Break Beats
1am Mama Sauce
12am Jen Symmetry
11pm Britta Bader
10pm Cosmic Bitch
Dragons Fire Theater
and more tba
Feel free to join us in costume if you’d like by incorporating LED’s into your outfit, dress up as a Valkyrie, a Viking, a frost giant, or if you Cosplay as your favorite Loki variant or any other character from the Marvel Multiverse. Yes you can bring your LED flow props to jam out with on the flow friendly dance floor.
Get ready for an epic night of Break Beats!
Loki’s Magic Ball at RaptureMN will highlight several of the best MPLS based DJ producers. The entire show will be amplified by an entourage of entertainers creating a spectacle of stage show including projected visuals, laser lights, LED’s, Fire performance, and aerial acrobatics.
21+ $15