Hard Mondays S03E02 – 09 May, 2022

DJs: dv8, noise, Fenris

(V) Cattac – One of These Nights
VR Sex – Crisis Stage
Christian Death – New Messiah
Kill Shelter & Antipole – Nine White Nine
(V) She Hates Emotions – Space and Time
X-Marks the Pedwalk – Sacred Ground
Cold Connection – Trocadrro (Patrik Kambo remix)
(V) Dancing Plague – An Endless Want
Tempers – In and Out of Hand
(V) Esoterik – Earth
(V) Princess Century – Desperate Love
(V) Indiana – Solo Dancing
Royksopp & Goldfrapp – Impossible
(V) Titan feat. Gary Numan – Dark Rain
(V) Pixel Grip – Soft Peaks

(R) S Y Z Y G Y X – Dangerous Creature
(V) Velvet Vega – My Desire
(V) Jorgen Thorvald & Romance Disaster – Humanoid
(V) Minus Magnus – Cynical Romance
(V) Juno Reactor – Let’s Turn On
(V) Minuit Machine – Hunter/Prey
(V) Zack Zack Zack – Alles Was Du Hast
(V) Kanga – Godless
(V) Austra – Lose It
(V) Projekt Ich feat. Madil Hardis – Mit dir
(V) Ashbury Heights feat. Madil Hardis – Wild Eyes
(V) Brioni Faith – Alive
(V) Cosmic Gate – Exploration of Space
Voodoo & Serano – Blood is Pumpin’
(V) the Faint – I Disappear
(V) the Teddybears – Punkrocker

Then Comes Silence – Body Electric
(V) ACTORS – Killing Time (Is Over)
Radioaktivists – Sense of Destruction (Extended)
Psy’Aviah – Can We Make It Rhyme (Omniks 12inch Club Trance Remix)
Technovore – Vox Machina
First Aid 4 Souls – I Am The Night
grabyourface – FKNBSTRDS
(V) Lady Maru – Mind Battle
ELM – Sex Junkie (abuser mix by Patrick Codenys)
Comfort Cure – Gravel Pattern
Dead Agent – VCO Berlin (Perseus Veil Remix)
(V) Matt Hart – Decimate
Hocico – Dog Eat Dog (desputes remix)
Absynthe Of Faith – All Mighty
J:Dead – Afraid
Ari Mason – Doing Crimes (Mv2)

Hard Mondays S03E02 – set 1 – dv8, noise
Hard Mondays S03E02 – set 2 – Fenris