Hard Mondays Volume 2, Edition 39 – 24 January, 2022

DJs Fenris & Nitrogen

Holon – An Unexpected Outcome
Austra – I’m A Monster
annu – Forms
(V) Kraków Loves Adana – Follow The Voice
Empathy Test – Last Night On Earth
(V) Comfort Cure – Hands of Stone
(V) Rue Oberkampf – Negativraum
(V) Fix8:Sed8 feat. eMKe – tREMORs
Reka – Tropas de la Muerte
Blakk Harbor – Patisia City
Klack – Rhythm of the System (Damascus Knives Cut)
Leæther Strip – Isle of Man
Kontravoid – Judgement
Bara Hari – Purified (Dread Risks Remix)
Rabbit Junk – The Metro
STRVNGERS – Dancing With Myself
Assemblage 23 – Don’t Change
(V) Black Needle Noise with Angela Piccard – She Talks To Angels
VR SEX – Victim Or Vixen
Bootblacks – The Jealous Star (Automelodi Remix)
Evil’s Toy – Lucifers Garden
Front Line Assembly – Shifting Through The Lens (Extended Version)
Mind.In.A.Box. – Machine Run
(V) X-Marks The Pedwalk – Go Down
Mindless Faith – Singular
Cubanate – Lord of the Flies

CONNOR – I AM the 2080s
Aesthetic Perfection – Dead Zone (Sierra remix)
(V) Veno – Afterlife
Erami – Traitors
ESA – One Missed Call
MAGNAVOLT – Edgerunner
Assalm, Revizia – Templar
Sierra – Trust
Merchent – Seven Days (Dub)
Solemn Assembly – Humans Fall
Draven – Vampire Rave
annu – Forms (Digital Gnosis remix)
Eric Oberto – Darkness Never Lies (Adoration Destroyed Remix)
(V) Die Krupps – Robo Sapien
(R)(V) Hatari – Engin Miskunn
(V) Toys No More – AtmenTanzen
(V) Rotersand – Torn Realities
(V) Chainreactor – Interlinked
(V) Suicide Commando – Evacuate
(V) Faderhead – Too Dead For Life
(V) In Strict Confidence – Everything Must Change
(V) Solar Fake – All The Things You Say
(V) AND ONE – Krieger
(V) REIN – Release Me (Boy Noize dub mix)
A*S*Y*S & Kaspar – Acid Drill
CJ Bolland – The Prophet
(V) Sirus – Neon Dominion
(V) XP8 – The God Particle
(R)(V) Combichrist – This is My Rifle (Sgt Hartman mix)
(V) X-Fusion – Rotten to the Core
Moris Blak – Candyman
(V) Mr Kristopher – Help
(V) Rezz x Yultron – Hell on Earth
(V) Street Fever – GATE
(V) Nero & ZHU – Dreams
(V) Slightere – Light on Dark (Moris Blak Remix)
(V) Blackbook – Join Us

Hard Mondays Volume 2, Edition 39 – set 1 – Fenris
Hard Mondays Volume 2, Edition 39 – set 2 – Nitrogen