Oh My Goth! – 24 May 2024

DJs Fenris & noise

Depeche Mode – Behind The Wheel (Quijano Collective Remix)
Guignol – 1000 Tyrants
Scary Black – Are You Afraid Of The Dark
Scream Silence – The Sparrows and the Nightingales
(V) Deus Ex Lumina – Take Me Away
(V) Antipole & Paris Alexander – Midnight Shadows
(V) Bestial Mouths – Unshivered (ADULT. Remix)

(V) aux animaux – Venus Lucifer
Mephisto Waltz – Thalia
FTR – Black Sand
(V) Love and Rockets – Mirror People 88
(V) the Mission UK – Wasteland
(V) Siouxsie and the Banshees – Slowdive
Lords of the New Church – Dance With Me

The Cure – The Walk (Infusion Mix)
(V) Schonwald – DIsorder
(V) This Eternal Decay – A Kiss Into The Void)
Rosetta Stone – Adrenaline
Strange Boutique – Jet Stream (Aurora mix)
(R) Bruderschaft – Forever (Anthem)
(V) iamnoone – Wounds
(V) Corlyx – The Sacrifice
(R)(V) Chris Shape feat. Raffaele Venturelli – Body Electric
(R) She Past Away – Ruh
(R) London After Midnight – Kiss
Dead Can Dance – Mesmerism (WLDV edit)
(V) Ghost Twin – Mystic Sabbath
(V) Cocteau Twins – Iceblink Luck
(V) -ii- – Frozen
(R)(V) Whorticulture – Faust
(R) Type O Negative – Cinnamon Girl (Depressed Mode Mix)
(R)(V) Motionless In White – Werewolf
Garbage – #1 Crush
(R)(V) Gary Numan – When The World Comes Apart
(R) Die Form – Rain of Blood
(R)(V) Depeche Mode – Blasphemous Rumours
(R) the Cure – Charlotte Sometimes
(R)(V) Urban Heat – Goodbye Horses
(V) Black Nail Cabaret – Teach Me How To Techno
(V) She Hates Emotions – Don’t You Think?
(R)(V) Orgy – Blue Monday
(V) My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult – the Days of Swine and Roses (2020 mix)
(R) Alien Sex Fiend – Ignore the Machine (electrode mix)
the Sisters of Mercy – Marian (version)
(R) Night Club – Cities in Dust
(V) The Frozen Autumn – Tomorrow’s Life
The Cruxshadows – Return (Coming Home)
Book of Love – Tubular Bells
(R) Boy Harsher – Pain
Switchblade Symphony – Wallflower (WLDV edit)
(R)(V) Ashbury Heights – Spectres From The Black Moss
Ikon – In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated
(R) Placebo – Running Up That Hill (Whitesquare’s Closing Down Re-Edit)
(V) Siouxsie and the Banshees – Happy House
(V) Echo and the Bunnymen – the Killing Moon
(R)(V) Joy Division – Atmosphere