Requests are an important component to our music flow. They let us know what you’re aching to hear, and springboard us into playing a variety of kinds of music. Sometimes, even though the djs collectively have a ridiculous amount of music, it even introduces us to stuff we don’t already know.

We sometimes hear that we don’t play enough requests, a quick look at our playlists will show that we play a ton- especially in the last couple of hours. While we’ll never be able to play every request, we do like to consider each request seriously and carefully and try to find a place it will fit in with the musical flow of the evening. Monetary tips help, but do not always guarantee that we can get to your song. We appreciate them, though!

Here’s a utility to make requests in advance. If it’s something you think we don’t know, this also gives us a chance to find new music ahead-of-time. So we don’t get flooded, it will only allow requests for the next two events.

Online requests made after 9PM on the night of the event may not be seen.

If you list a song title, please include the artist. There are, for example, quite a few songs titled “Big Bad Wolf.”