the Forbidden Bazaar : Gothtoberfest – 20 October, 2023

DJs: Savage Vixen, Lorth, noise

Savage Vixen
Zhu – Dreams
Flero – Dune
Bans Cakir x Sercan Ozkan – Nightmares
Valorant x One True God – Savior
Deadmau5 – My Heart has Teeth
(V) Ari Abdul – You
Lex Digital – Doom
Mobiius – Talk2Me
(V) Diorama – Synthesize Me
(V) Lord of the Lost – La Bomba
Front 242 – Headhunter
Nitzer Ebb – Join the Chant
(V) Centhron – 666

performance 1

Motionless in White – Werewolf: Synthwave Edition (feat. Saxl Rose)
Aesthetic Perfection ft. Chris Pohl, Javi Ssagittar, Julien Kidam, Maria Mar – A New Drug (International Cartel Mix)
Rezz x fknsyd – Sweet Dreams
DreamReaper – Error404
Street Fever – Monument
Matteo Tura – Purple Whale
Voidnet – Lights Out
Electer – Drills (Matteo Tura remix)
Kanga – Vital Signs
Owl Vision – Damnation

Performance 2

Jah Wobble – Monitor
(R)(V) Nightclub – Dear Enemy
(V) Ghost Twin – Mystic Sabbath
(R)(V) Cocteau Twins – Iceblink Luck
(V) -ii- – Frozen
(V) Beat Noir Deluxe – What She Could Not Tell (Rotersand remix)
(V) Velvet Condom – Collapse in Slow Motion
(V) Lebanon Hanover – the Last Thing
(V) Kaelan Mikla – Kalt
(V) Autumn – the Fall
(V) Actors – Like Suicide
(V) Dance My Darling – Love & Hate
(V) Schonwald – Disorder
(V) Minuit Machine – Battles
(V) Echoberyl – Altered
(V) Peter Murphy – Cuts You Up

Performance 3

(R) Depeche Mode – Master and Servant (Razormaid mix)
Nikki Idol – Lady, Touch Yoursel
One True God – Kill Me With Your Love
(V) Cobrah – Brand New Bitch
Fetish – Come Check This
Maximum Love – Black Magic
Nine Inch Nails – Dead Souls
Forsaken – Queen of the Damned
(V) Whorticulture – Crucify
(V) NO+Ana – See Through
Daniel Ash – This Love
(V) Corlyx – Wasted and Alone
Rabbit in the Moon – Dark Lord
Le Castle Vania – Freak
Fingazz – I Can Make Ya