the Garden – 13 February, 2022

DJs: noise, Fenris

(V) Mikkel Rev – Dissolve to Evolve
(V) Oreste – And I’m Scared I Can’t Tell You
(V) Maylee Todd – No Other
Desert Dwellers – View From Laniakea
Ignacio Tardieu – Bassline Status
Cirrus – You Are (Panacea)
Prismatics, Iraida Noriega & Osiris SS – Implode
rewindsound – Burial
Deya Dova – Myth of the Cave
Bluetech – Triangle (retriangulated)
Yaima – Gajumaru
Gary Numan – Absolution
Peter Murphy – Marlene Dietrich’s Favourite Poem
(V) the Smile – the Smoke
Relaxer – the Dusk Singers
Low – In Silence
This Mortal Coil – You and Your Sister
Einst├╝rzende Neubauten – Sand
(V) Black Angel – My Love

Man on Man – Lover
loveliescrushing – Iwantyou
(V) My Bloody Valentine – Soon
Lush – Lovelife (Suga Bullit Remix)
(V) M83 – Kim & Jessie
(V) Timecop1983 feat. SEAWAVES – Lovers
(V) SRSQ – Temporal Love
Trevor Something – Lovesong
Candyflip – Love Is Life
The Beloved – Your Love Takes Me Higher (Simply Divine)
Empathy Test – A River Loves A Stone
Unwoman – Love Is A Battlefield
Black Tape For A Blue Girl – Tear Love From My Mind
Azam Ali – Love Is A Labyrinth
(V) Fever Ray – If I Had A Heart
(V) The Irrepressibles – Two Men In Love
Ulver – The Power Of Love
Bryan Ferry – Is Your Love Strong Enough
Shriekback – Faded Flowers
Peter Hook & Guests – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Piano Version)

the Garden – set 1 – noise
the Garden – set 2 – Fenris