The Garden. – 5 September, 2021

DJs Fenris & dv8

jarguna & Ryuzen – Dragon’s Tears
The Creatures – Don’t Go To Sleep Without Me
Amorphous Androgynous – In Mind
Slowdive – Country Rain
(V) AMMO – Rose Crown
Chromatics – White Light
Soulwhirlingsomewhere – How To Bury Yourself
Agnes Obel – Dorian
Love And Rockets – The Purest Blue
TR/ST – cor
Empathy Test – Here Is The Place
(V) Lisa Gerrard & Jules Maxwell – Orion (The Weary Huntsman)
(V) DNKL – Battles
SPC ECO – What It Means
M83 – Don’t Save Us From The Flames (Boom Bip Remix)
Koullut – Ocean of Bullets
How To Destroy Angels – Hallowed Ground
(V) Vök – Tension
The Black Queen – Apocalypse Morning
Holon – Nothing But Stardust
Hearts of Black Science – Waiting

(V) Das Noir – A New Day of Fear
(V) Pierce With Arrow – In The Depths of His Eyes
(V) Blind Delon – Tes Levres
(V) Yolcu – A Hunter and the Prey
(V) Bestial Mouths – (A) Siren Calls
(V) Solveig Matthildur – The End
(V) Black Nail Cabaret – My Casual God
(V) Electric Drama – Dissolution
(V) New Haunts – Failing Me
(V) undertheskin – End This Summer
(V) Marta Raya – Laurentiustranen
(V) Nada Em Voce – Meyer Project
(V) Sixth June – Negde Neko
(V) Leere – Schatten
(V) Other-ed – The Least We Can Do
(V) Clan of Xymox – Spiders On the Wall
(V) Soft Kill feat. Tamaryn – Floodgate
(V) caput Medusae – Kiss Me Deadly
(V) Seasurfer – Too Wild
(V) Paraf vs The Siids – Bez Lica

the Garden – set 1 – Fenris
the Garden – set 2 – dv8