The Garden. – 6 February, 2022

DJs Fenris & noise

Erik Wøllo – Sound And Shadows
(V) Polly Fae – Elementals
Steve Von Till – Breathe
Lycia – Late Night Solitude
Sigur Rós – Valtari
Black Tape For A Blue Girl – the Stars
Mira – When You Sleep
Principe Valiente – Monsters of the Sea
SPC ECO – Forever
(V) Hem Netjer – Void
The Devil & The Universe – Echotopia
Azam Ali – Love Is A Labyrinth
Blurred City Lights – What Will You Do
(V) Forest Circles – Poison Leaves
(V) Bedless Bones – Ashes Indigo
(V) AMMO – A Cold War City
Vaselyne – Winter

Antimatter – the Art of a Soft Landing
Coil – Are You Shivering?
Origa – Inner Universe
DJ Amiga – Shizuku
Green Beats – Green Poison
Delerium feat. Julee Cruise – Magic
Land of the Loops – Multi-Family Garage Sale
Ale Hop – Mayu Islapi
Wojciech Rusin – Words Into Shapes
Stoa – Luvah
Brian Eno – Some of Them Are Old
Roger Eno – the Flatlands
Yo La Tengo – Green Arrow
Silent Tristero – Deep and Forgotten (phantom vox)
Marc Zimmerman – Eiska
the Cure – the Caterpillar (flicker mix)
Cranes – Here Comes the Snow
Saint Etienne – Like the Swallow
the Jesus and Mary Chain – Hide Myself

the Garden – set 1 – Fenris
the Garden – set 2 – noise