the Gothic Garden – 22 May, 2022 (World Goth Day)

DJs: noise, DJ ellafine, Fenris

Das Zelchen – Douh-sah-ra
(V) Forest Swords – Arms Out
(V) Her Own World – This Fire
Unto Ashes – Ostia: the Death of Pasolini
MGMT – All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
(V) Dali’s Car – the Judgement is the Mirror
Love Spirals Downwards – City Moon
Jarboe/PBK – I Can See Now
(V) Ghost Twin – Here We Are in the Night (Cairns remix)
(V) MONO INC. – Just Because I Love You (black version)
(V) Bestial Mouths – the Loss
(V) AGNIS – Slavic Witch
(V) Kirlian Camera – the 8th President
Lighthouse in Darkness – Storm of Cries

Switchblade Symphony – Ride
Lycia – Goddess Of The Green Fields
Unto Ashes – Spider Song
Amber Asylum – Riviera
Pilgrims Of Yearning – Withered
Ghost Twin – Mystic Sabbath (Chris Komus Remix)
Lighthouse In Darkness – The Melancholy Movies
Trance To The Sun – Snowy Corset Nightmare
Cocteau Twins – Shallow then Halo
Void Vision – To The Sea
Faith & The Muse – All Lovers Lost
This Ascension – Light And Shade
Miranda Sex Garden – Fear

The Harrow – Ringing The Changes
(V) Darkher – Where The Devil Waits
Black Tape For A Blue Girl – She’s Gone
V▲LH▲LL – Ormens Offer (remixed by Seeeming)
Dead Can Dance – Musica Eternal
(V) The Devil & The Universe – Danaus Plexippus
Heavenly Bodies – Shades of Love
Bauhaus – The Three Shadows Pt. 1
Kælan Mikla – Sirenur
Hante. This Fog That Never Ends
Andreas Gross – To Die For
(V) Diary of Dreams – Hiding Rivers
(V) Siouxsie & The Banshees – The Last Beat Of My Heart

the Gothic Garden – set 1 – noise
the Gothic Garden – set 2 – ellafine
the Gothic Garden – set 3 – Fenris