the Gothic Garden – 23 May, 2021

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DJs: noise, Fenris

David Bowie – Five Years
Qntal – Palestinalied
Collection D’Arnell Andréa – By the Pond
Hante. feat. Marble Slave & Fragrance. – Nobody’s Watching
Concrete Blonde – I Don’t Need a Hero
New Order – Doubts Even Here
Tones on Tail – When You’re Smiling
Daniel Ash – Coming Down (slow version)
sToa – Stoa
the Cure – Last Dance
Æon Rings – Pale Blue
the Glove – Looking Glass Girl
Black Tape for a Blue Girl – Again, to Drift (for Veronika)
the Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning
Tim Buckley – Morning Glory
Mirabilis – the Writing on My Father’s Hand
(R) Martin L. Gore – Enjoy the Silence (demo)
Cocteau Twins – the Spangle Maker
the Legendary Pink Dots – Dissonance
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Night Shift
Lighthouse in Darkness – a Nightly Odyssey

Azar Swan – In The Garden
(V) Bel Canto – shoulder to the wheel
(V) Trobar de Morte – The Wolf
Dead Can Dance – Agape
Irfan – Oktrovenie
Delerium – Metamorphosis
Miranda Sex Garden – Gush Forth My Tears (Interest At Source Mix)
(V) The Devil & The Universe – Nikopoia
(V) Cranes – Beautiful Friend
Voltaire – Butterfly
Danielle Dax – Daisy
(V) Polly Fae – Elementals
Xymox – The River
Autumn Tears – The Glow of Desparation
Gitane Demone – Gloomy Sunday
Unwoman – Lucretia My Reflection
(V) Boys Next Door – Shivers
(V) This Mortal Coil – Kangaroo
(V) Azam Ali – Shallow Then Halo (Live at Paste Studios)
Bauhaus – Who Killed Mr. Moonlight
Bat For Lashes – Vampires
In Strict Confidence – My Despair (Slowdive)

the Garden – set 1 – noise
the Garden – set 2 – Fenris