Thursday A Go Go – 11 November 2021

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DJ’s: Jarvis Overdrive

(V) Not My God – Sowing Discord
(V) Danny Elfman & Trent Reznor – True
(V) David Bowie – Seven Years in Tibet
Panic Lift – Nowhere Fast
(V) The Anix – Die With You
Aesthetic Perfection – Party Monster (Deadbeat Remix)
(V) HEALTH – Stonefist
(V) MORIS BLAK – Complicate (Feat. grabyourface)
(V) Nyxx – Nightmare
Kota Kira – Witchcraft
(V) Hocico – Broken Empires
ΔLLICØRN – Long Way Home
ALEX & Tokyo Rose – Rivals (Feat. Power Glove)
Seirra – Gone
(V) Randolph & Mortimer – Enjoy More
(V) Wulfband – 3,2,1,Nein
(V) Gary Numan – The Fall

Covenant – Final Man (Club Version)
Absynthe Of Faith – Slowly
(V) Wumpscut – Thorns
(V) Rein – Closer to Reality
Ego Likeness – Persona Non Grata – The Final Show
(V) Die Krupps – Fatherland
Stoneburner – A Hurricane of Mouths
(V) Par T One – I’m So Crazy
(V) Rihanna – We Found Love
(V) Underworld – Born Slippy

Jarvis, Overdrive
(V) God Module – Unconscious
(V) ESA – I Detach
(V) Front Line Assembly – Mesmerized
(V) Odonis Odonis – More
(V) Bara Hari – Ugly on the Inside
(V) Ladytron – Destroy Everything You Touch
(V) Night Club – Miss Negativity
(V) Goo Munday – Start a Fire
Horskh – Against
IAMX – North Star (Future Funk Squad Remix)
(V) Black Tiger Sex Machine – Moonlight
Kanga vs Deadmau5 – Dissonance Baby
3TEETH – You Spin Me Round
Choke Chain – Losing the Way (EBM Ritual Mix)
Hatari – Klámstrákur
(V) Project Pitchfork – Titanes
VNV Nation – Electronaut
Stromkern – Re-align (Cut Rate Box Remix)
(V) Skinny Puppy – Illisit
(V) Eisfabrik – The Choice
(V) Korine – Elegance & You
Icon of Coil – Access and Amplify
(V) Namnambulu – Memories
(V) Santa Hates You – Raise The Devil
Traci Lords – Control (Juno Reactor Remix)
The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up
(V) Ozzy & Lemmy – Hellrasier

Thursday a Go Go – Jarvis and Overdrive