Thursday a Go Go – 18 February, 2021

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DJs: Jarvis, Overdrive

IAMX & Cevin Key – Anger is an Acid
(V) Depeche Mode – Where’s the Revolution
(V) Health – Tears
Puscifer – The Remedy (3 Kord Scissor King Remix)
(V) Squid Lid – Figment Shifter
(V) Skold – Fiction
Aesthetic Perfection – Party Monster (Deadbeat Remix)
Urban Matrix – S is for Synth
(V) Gary Numan – I Am Dust
(V) Covenant – Bullet
(V) DeVision – They Won’t Silence Us
(V) Night Club – Candy Coated Suicide
(V) Wulfband – 3,2,1, Nein
(V) Randolph & Mortimer – Existing, not Living
Conformco – Supply + Demand
Misanthropix – Sisters of Disorder
Rabbit Junk – Reveal
Strvngers – Moscow Moscow
Lazerpunk – Covenant
Helms Alee – Pandemic
Rein – Reincarnate
Kanga – Going Red
Moris Blak – White Zombie – More Human than Human (Moris Blak Revision)
(V) ESA – Eat Their Young
Hocico – Forgotten Tears (Blutengle Remix)
C-Lekktor – Animals

(V) Fix8Sed8 – Tremors
(V) System Syn – We Had a Time
(V) Sierra – All About Love
Par T One – I’m So Crazy
KMFDM – Light
(V) Synaptic Defect – The Lack of Empathy
Leæther Strip – Walking on Volcanoes
Parallel Project – Space & Fiction
Satura – Bitter Laugh
(V) Santa Hates You – Scum
ESA VS This Morn Omina – Consumption
Stromkern – Re-Align
Angelspit – 100% (Combichrist Remix)
Reaper – Weltfremd
Venal Flesh – Insurrection
(V) Stoneburner – So Much More Aware So Much Less Perceptive
Genital A-Tech – Dich Zu Lieben
(V) Project Pitchfork – Fear
(V) Auger – My Guardian
(V) Peter Heppner – Was Bleibt
(V) VNV Nation – When is the Future
Klack – Move Any Mountain
(V) Missing Persons – Lipstick
(V) Georgia – Running up that Hill

Jarvis, Overdrive
She Wants Revenge – Out Of Control
(V) Depeche Mode – Policy of Truth
Empathy Test – Bare My Soul
(V) Faderhead – When The Freaks Come Out
(V) Horskh – Mud In My Wheels
(V) Youth Code x King Yosef – Looking Down
Apoptygma Berzerk – Bitch
Ego Likeness – Persona Non Grata
(R)(V) Rammstein – Radio
(V) The Birthday Massacre – In The Dark
(V) Goo Munday – Fuck Your Fear (Mr.Kitty Remix)
Assemblage 23 – The Noise Inside My Head
Icon Of Coil – Existence In Progress
God Module – Spooky (As A Motherfucker Mix)
Nine Inch Nails – The Beginning Of The End (Remix)
Suicide Commando – Conspiracy With The Devil
(V) The Killers Feat. Pet Shop Boys – Always On My Head

Thursday a Go Go – Jarvis and Overdrive