Thursday a Go Go – 22 April, 2021

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DJs: Jarvis, Overdrive, Lorth

Jarvis, Overdrive
Batavia – Quite Mean Spirited (Feat. Leather Strip)
Aesthetic Perfection – Dead Zone
Binary Park – Silence Is Speaking (Infacted Remix)
(V) REZZ x Yultron – Hell On Earth
(V) Frontline Assembly – Alone
(V) Gary Numan – Saints and Liars
(V) Nine Inch Nails – Into The Void
3TEETH – Degrade (Cyanotic Remix)
The Anix – Cry Little Sister
Ripley Sterling – Something You Needed
Rabbit Junk – Reveal
Reaper – We Are Reaper
(V) Hocico – Broken Empires
(V) The Chemical Brothers – Block Rockin’ Beats
(V) The Prodigy – The Day Is My Enemy
(V) Qillix – Nightfall
Owl Vision – Horus
(V) Nightclub – Schizophrenic
Incubite – Let Me Bleed
Velvet Acid Christ – Adventures in Babysitting the Antichrist
Stoppenburg – This is War!
The Gothsicles – Oh My Goth!
Project Pitchfork – God Wrote
Mr.Kitty – The Glass Inside Your Skull
Sebestian Komor – Electric Avenue (feat. Lis Van Den Akker)
Caustic – White Knuckle Head Fuck (Aesthetic Perfection Mix)
Covanant – Like Tears in The Rain
FiveAm – Insomnia 2019
IAMX – North Star (Future Funk Squad Remix)
(V) Goo Munday – Start A Fire
(V) Faderhead – I Did Not Know (feat. Solar Fake)
(R)(V) Rocy Horror Picture Show – Time Warp
(V) Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance

(V) Busta Rhymes – Put Your Hands Where my Eyes could See
(V) Saul Williams – List of Demands (Reparations)
3TEETH – Ballroom Blitz
(V) Dance with the Dead – the 80’s Fighting Spirit
Arvo Party – Chevy Chase
Felix da House Cat – Future calls the dawn
(V) (R) Priest – Obey
(V) Aeon Rings – Drowning
Crystal Castles – Not in Love
Motorcycle – As the Rush Comes
Pride and Fall – Border
(V) Agent Side Grinder – Doppleganger
Seabound – Scorch the ground
(V) Ladytron – Destroy Everything You Touch
IRIS – Annie would I Lie to You
(V) Peter Murphy – Cuts You Up
(V) Duran Duran – Chauffeur
(V) Tears for Fears – Shout
Garbage – #1 Crush
(V) A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick it
(V) Prince – Kiss
(V) MARRS – Pump up the Volume
(V) Depeche Mode – Never let Me down again
(V) Information Society – Whats on your mind (Pure Energy)
(V) Nitzer Ebb – Murderous
Lady Gaga – Haben sie ein Telefone
(V) Ministry – Stigmata
Rob Zombie – Feel so Numb
(V) Lord of the Lost – Under the Sun
(V) Solar Fake – This Pretty Life
(V) Aesthetic Perfection – S.E.X
(V) Merkins – Dreamers Paradise

Thursday a Go Go – set 1 – Jarvis and Overdrive
Thursday a Go Go – set 2 – Lorth