Thursday A Go Go – 22 July, 2021

DJs: Jarvis, Overdrive,

(V) Orbital – The Box
Qillix – Encrypted Voices
(V) Gunship – Dark All Day (Power Glove Remix)
(V) Deftones – Ceremony
(V) Skold – Small World
(V) David Bowie – The Hearts Filthy Lesson
(V) Frontline Assembly – Alone
(V) Gesaffelstein – Hate or Glory
(V) Gary Numan – When The World Comes Apart
(V) Lorn – Anvil
(V) Health – L.A. Looks
(V) The Naked And Famous – Young Blood
(V) Nyxx – Nightmare
(V) Hocico – Broken Empires
Agins – Frozen
Kanga – Going Red
(V) Night Club – Need You Tonight
(V) Ladytron – Runaway
(V) Bronson – Keep Moving
(V) ESA – I Detach

(V) LFO – Tied Up
Acumen – Gun Lover
Apoptygma Berzerk – Non Stop Violence
Leæther Strip – Testure
Icon of Coil – Shelter
Blutengel – Mistress of The Club
(V) Project Pitchfork – Titânes
VNV Nation – Genesis (Icon of Coil Version)
(V) Delirium – Silence (Airscape Remix)
Parallel Project – Explicit
(V) Stoneburner – Sellout!

Jarvis, Overdrive
(V) Pain – Party in My Head
(V) Nine Inch Nails – March of Pigs
Velvet Acid Christ – Caustic Disco
Hatari – Klámstrákur
(V) Basszilla – Freaky Groove
(V) Faderhead – Dancers
(V) The Presets – My People
(V) Vitalic – Poison Lips
Helix – Expensive Things (Antiscion Remix)
(V) Aesthetic Perfection – The Great Depression
Alien Vampires – Fuck Off and Die (Noisuf-X Remix)
God Module – Red Ribbons
Suicide Commando – God is In The Rain
Covenant – We Stand Alone
Depeche Mode – John The Revelator
Zombie Girl – Dead Inside (Aesthetische Mix)
3TEETH – You Spin Me (Like A Record)
(V) Rammstein – Ich Will
Delirium – Deluxed
Moby – Go
Daft Punk – Da Funk
Omnimar – ET