Virtual Hard Mondays : Session 34 – 21 December, 2020

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DJs: Nitrogen, noise, Fenris

(V) Schiller – Der Golden Engel
(V) Devochka – Aloo
(V) Faderhead – Horizon Born
(V) Bestial Mouths – Dry as Dust
(V) Austra – I Love You More That You Love Yourself
(V) Hex Cassette – Get Out
(V) Blazy feat. Kevin Brauer – Harvest Moon
(V) Black Tiger Sex Machine – Rezorecta
(V) Minuit Machine – Lovers of the Night
(V) Logic & Olivia – Night of Despair
(V) She Hates Emotions – See the Light
(V) In Strict Confidence – My Despair
(V) Brioni Faith – My Despair
(V) ESA – I Want it Now
(V) Chainreactor – Grey
U-Recken – Carol of the Bells
Sighter, Harmonika – Monster
Reverence, Perplex – Shake Up
(V) Lindsey Stirling feat. Sabrina Carpenter – You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch
(V) Too Many Zooz feat. Big Freedia – Funky Christmas
(V) Moris Blak feat. grabyourface – Complicate
Gold Geisha – Nightingale
Night Club – Sad Boy
Front 242 – the Untold
(V) VNV Nation – When is the Future
TOAL – Unreal World (SITD remix)
Meat Beat Manifesto – Circles

Covenant – winter comes
:wumpscut: – Die In Winter (Haujobb Edit 2)
Haujobb – Cold Comfort (frozen)
Cafftine – She fed the Ravens on Christmas Eve (feat. Switchblade Kid)[W303 Remix]
[:SITD:] – Direction:North
Dead When I Found Her – So Cold
1000 Ho-Ho DJs – (Every Day Is) Xmas
(V) Coil – The Snow (Answers Come In Dreams II remix by Jack Dangers)
Fragrance. – Endless Cold
Star Industry – Shiver (Aesthetische Cold Mix)
Aesthetische – Cold Bliss MMXX
Llumen – Cold In December (Remix by Disconnekted)
Curve – Cold Comfort (Deepsky Remix)
Assemblage 23 – December (Neuroticfish Remix)
Pride and Fall – December
Blutengel – Soul of Ice (Reworked)
Project Pitchfork – December Sadness
How To Destroy Angels – Ice Age (The Soft Moon Remix)
Undertheskin – Cold
(V) Siouxsie & The Banshees – Israel
Stabbing Westward – Cold
Eisbrecher – Eisbär
Dance With The Dead – Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

(V) Street Fever – GATE
Moris Blak – Druglicker
Owl Vision – Zepulchre
(V) Inertia (featuring Ayria) – Games Without Frontiers
SIRUS – The Book of Gates (Take Control mix)
Aim to Head – Ghoul
Daniel Deluxe – The Guardian
Unholy – White Poison
Simon Sizer – Prime (Darko Milosevic remix)
(R) Jack Wall – Rising Tide
Lights of Euphoria – Stronger
(V) Frontline Assembly – Unknown
Slighter – Wirehead (Royb0t remix)
Ruined Conflict – Solitude
Seraphim System – This is Invasion (NOISUF-X remix)
(V) Project Pitchfork – Beholder
Billie Ellish Vs Benny Benassi – Bad Guy vs Satisfaction
(V) K-Bereit – Virus K
(V) Chanreactor – Grey
(V) Eisfabrik – The Choice
Deborah De Luca – Kick It
Vater Nicht – All Systems Normial
(V) Naya Jane Coles – Cherry Bomb
Assemblage 23 – Collapse
i_o – Low
(V) X-RX – A to A and D to D
C-Lekktor – Tonight You Are Mine
REIN – Bodyhammer
Cyanotic – Control – Lust

Hard Mondays – Session 34 – set 1 – noise
Hard Mondays – Session 34 – set 2 – Fenris
Hard Mondays – Session 34 – set 3 – Nitrogen