Virtual Hard Mondays : Session 52 – 26 April, 2021

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DJs: Fenris, Nitrogen, dv8

Front Line Assembly – Time Lapse
Holon – A Matter of Perspective
(V) Black Nail Cabaret – Maelstrom
(V) Gary Numan – Saints and Liars
(V) Depeche Mode – Walking In My Shoes
Syntax – Bliss
(V) Zanias – Through This Collapse
The New Division – Sequence (Extended Mix)
Kite – Bowie ’95
(V) Minimal Schlager – Running Up That Hill
Tenderlash – Fate
(V) GusGus – Our World
ROÜGE – Nuclear
Aesthetische – These Bright Sparks
Stoneburner – Sellout (Clean-Klack Mix)
(V) REIN – Off The Grid
The Irrepressibles – Let Go (Everybody Listen To Your Heart)(Tinlicker 12 Remix)
Curve – I Feel Love
(V) ACTORS – Like Suicide
(V) Talk To Her – Zodiac
Helix – Bird of Prey
Mr.Kitty – My Weak Side
(V) Ashbury Heights – Wild Eyes
Rotersand – Whatever

Aesthetic Perfection – Dead Zone
(V) Moris Blak – Burying Place
(V) Rezz & Deadmou5 – Hypnocurrency
Stranger Things Theme – Retrowave Remix by Zuri
Namesis – Rave is Dead
(V) Eshken – Lycantrhope
Kayoh – Dark Room Destroyer
Revviza – Assault
Max Brhon – Illusion
Kanga – Moscow
(V) Zwaremachine – International Hero
(V) The Damedy – I Still See You (Body Mix)
Minuit Machine – Sisters
(V) Hante. – Blank Love
Extrawelt – Das Komplott
Reka X Imperial Black Unit – Tropas de la Muerte
Virtual Terrorist – Tekkno Skumm (Acid Bender remix)
Caustic – Insomniac
Suicide Commando – Raise Your God (2020 bigotry)
Choke Chain – Fear
Slighter – Shut Down (12″ mix)
(V) Hybrid – Fragments
(V) Trampsta – Chunky
(V) Dance or Die – Acid from Hell

(V) Kiberspassk – See Bear
Twin Tribes – Shadows (Matte Blvck remix)
(V) Clicks – Dropdead
(V) Kirlian Camera – Hellfire
System Syn – Once Upon a Second Act (Aesthetic Perfection remix)
(V) Velvet Acid Christ – Bend the Sky
Bestial Mouths – The Falls (Statiqbloom remix)
(V) Potochkine – Possedee
Stoneburner – Sellout (Clean Klack mix)
Discotheque – Into Shadows
(V) Menthull feat. Damien de La Bergerette – Happy Sunday
(V) DSM V – Function
(V) ADkey – Can You Hear Me
(V) Daddybear – Teenage Lust
(V) SYZYGYX – Ultra Doll
(V) Dance Divine – Try Harder
(V) Agent Side Grinder – Inner Noises
(V) Blackbook – Nobody Home (Lyric video)
(V) Rosegarden Funeral Party – Another Dead Soul
(V) Peter Murphy – All Night Long
(V) Absurd Minds – Dead End
(V) Lovataraxx – Automatic
(V) Wisteria – Never Waved
(V) Pleasure Victim – Cosmic Dance
(V) La Femme – Le Sang De Mon Prochain

Hard Mondays – Session 52 – set 1 – Fenris
Hard Mondays – Session 52 – set 2 – Nitrogen
Hard Mondays – Session 52 – set 3 – dv8