Virtual Hard Mondays Volume 2, Edition 11 – 12 July, 2021

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DJs: Fenris, Nitrogen, noise, dv8

Skinny Puppy – Choralone
Kurs – Selfreco
Gary Numan – Now And Forever
(V) I Ya Toyah – Death’s Kiss
Dismantled – Extirpation
Velvet Acid Christ – Parasite
(V) Perturbator – Death of the Soul
[:SITD:] – Tarnfarbe
Ivory Frequency – Today Is The Day
Front Line Assembly – anti
Rotersand – Storm
Memmaker – Ascent
XotoX – Wir Haben Die Wirkichkeit Zerstört (Sven Phalanx Destroyed Reality Remix)
Chainreactor – Impulskontrolle (Antibody Remix)
Zombie Girl – panic attack (Simon Carter’s Clubbed Up Mix)
Wulfband – Chaostanzen

Aesthetic Perfection – A New Drug
(V) Straight Razor – Iblis
Absolute Valentine & Powernerd – Cyber Revemge
i_o – Low (Truly Significant remix)
Revizia – Nation Lords
eHpH – Savage
Miss FD – Adore
(V) Bronson – Keep Moving
Testube – God Blast America
Anthony (H) – Battle With You (Spankthenun remix)
Batavia – Anthemoessa (Skynet mix)
Golden Features – Medicate (Pretence Flip)
Chris Lawyer Feat Fatboy Slim – What The Fuck
Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus (Felten & Raphael Siquira remix)
Rezz & Malaa – Criminals (Ivan Reich remix)
Spankthenun – Dominate (ESA remix)
Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion – WAP (Sawtooth remix)
EXTIZE – Sexy and I Know It
Basszilla – Around The World
(V) Faithless – God is a DJ
Klack – Rhythm of the System (Nevada Hardware mix)
Zwaremachine – Zero Containment

(V) Planetdamage feat. Emke – Angst
(V) Buzz Kill – Into the Void
(V) Paradox Obscur – Réflexe
(V) Deep Down – Benadrylled
(V) Depeche Mode – Shake the Disease (Dominatrix remix)
(V) Fragrance. – Heatwave
(V) Ladytron – Ace of Hz
(V) Boy Harsher – Send Me a Vision
(V) Dive – Let Me In
(V) New Order – Fine Time
(V) Lykke Li – I Follow River
(V) Scheuber Wollank – Burn the Sun
(V) System Noire – Dead Inside
Scary Black – Are You Afraid of the Dark?
(V) ACTORS – Love U More
(R) Franka Potente – Believe
Merkaba – Organical Mechanical
Psyonysus – Tryptonite
(V) Astrix – Acid Rocker
(V) Le Klown – Madness in My Head
the Prodigy – Voodoo People (JETFIRE remix)

(V) GusGus – Love is Alone
(V) Echoberyl – Into the Beyond
(V) Gloria de Oliveria – Falling in Space
(V) Ratpajama – Heaven
(V) Agnis – Frozen
(V) Fragrance – The. Cure
(V) Denuit – Blind
(V) Sexual Purity – Never
(V) Death Loves Veronica – Burn
(V) Balvanera – Medium
(V) SYZYGYX – Cold Touch
(V) Hante. – Wasting Time
(V) Zanias – Untethered
(V) Agent Side Grinder – Inner Noises
(V) Actors – Like Suicide
(V) Pulsations – Neglected Synapses
(V) Black Nail Cabaret – Black Lava
(V) Black Plastic – Bite
(V) Potochkine – Pogo

Virtual Hard Mondays Volume 2, Edition 11 – set 1 – Fenris
Virtual Hard Mondays Volume 2, Edition 11 – set 2 – Nitrogen
Virtual Hard Mondays Volume 2, Edition 11 – set 3 – noise
Virtual Hard Mondays Volume 2, Edition 11 – set 4 – dv8