BaGG Virtual Dance Party Redux

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DJs: Spier, Fenris, noise

Rob Dougan – Clubbed To Death (radio edit)
(V) Ludovico Technique – Embrace
Stoneburner – Are You There The Way I’m Here (Stabbing Westward Remix)
(V) GLAARE – Young Hell
(V) The Cure – Lullaby
(V) Gary Numan – My Name Is Ruin
(V) Volturian – Broken
(V) Rob Zombie – The Triumph of King Freak (A Crypt of Preservation and Superstition)
(V) Ashbury Heights – Spectres From The Black Moss
(V) GusGus – Our World
Aesthetische – These Bright Sparks
ROÜGE – Nuclear
Mecaník Fabrík – Power, work and body (Attacke Remix)
Randolph & Mortimer – Society
Nitzer Ebb – Join In The Chant [Burn]
Front 242 – Quite Unusual
Front Line Assembly – Komm, stirbt mit mir
(V) I Ya Toyah – Out of Order
(V) ACTORS – Strangers
Destroid – Lucretia My Reflection
Hatari – Hatrið mun sigra (VINDIMØDE Remix)
(V) L – Discipline (Hante. Remix)
(V) Fractions – Requiem
Soman – Divine
Skinny Puppy – Hardset Head

(V) Massive Ego – I Idolize You
X Marks the Pedwalk – Sunrise
Pete Crane – You Are Not Your Body (Moris Blak remix)
(V) Aesthetic Perfection – Never Enough
(V) HEALTH – Stonefist
(V) REZZ – Purple Gusher
(R) Le Castle Vania – Freak
Manics – Git Wit Dis
Lera Foer & Gegen Mann – Precious Game
Arnaud Reboutini – What You Want Me To Do
Fractions – Body Limit
HOF – the Return (Fe Chrome)
Imperative Reaction – Functional
Icon of Coil – Dead Enough for Life
VNV Nation – Lights Go Out
(V) K.Flay – Blood in the Cut
(R) Combichrist – This Shit Will Fuck You Up
[:SITD:] – God’s Blessing
(V) Faderhead – The Way to Fuck God
(V) Blutengel & Meinhard – Kinder Der Sterne
(V) Solar Fake – Sick of You
(R)(V) Santa Hates You – Raise the Devil
(V) Priest – Vaudeville
(V) Grendel – Timewave Zero
XMH – Snakes
(R)(V) Kill the Noise & Feed Me – I Do Coke
(V) Night Club – Bad Girl
Slighter & Moris Blak – The Hunt (Industrial Bass edit)
Donbor – Breaking my Brain
(V) Caravan Palace – Lone Digger

(R)(V) Blutengel – Forever Yound
(R) Alex – Occult
(V) HAEX – Bloodtoll
(V) Street Fever – La Corde
(V) Ivan Iusco & Kid Moxie – Head on Fire
(V) Psy’Aviah – Circles
Mareux – Gopnik
(R) Aesthetic Perfection – Damn Good Rhythm
(V) EGGVN – La Era de la Bestia
(V) Funker Vogt – Olympus
Electrovot – End of the Line ([:SITD:] remix)
(R) R. I. P. Roppongi Inc. Project – Moskau Leipzig
X-[Rx] – Stage 2 (Totten Mechanismus remix)
(R) Antilav – Das Ist EBM
Shadow System – Shadow Dancer (WormZ remix)
Centhron – Feuer und Fleisch
Hyperdex-1-Sect – Les Amants
Chamaeleon – Suppression
Xperiment – This is War (Anthethsys remix)
(R)(V) Carpenter Brut – Turbo Killer
(V) Moby – Lift Me Up (Sesto Sento remix)
(V) the Faint – Agenda Suicide
(R) Gasoline Invertebrate feat. Chris Connelly – Scarlet Slip
(R) Not-So-Ebb – Stay Inside Your Home
VNV Nation – Immersed
(V) Faithless – Tarantula
(V) Minuit Machine – Battles
(R)(V) ACTORS – Love U More
(V) Melodicka Bros. – Square Hammer
(V) the Presets – Are You the One?
(V) Too Dead to Die feat. Freaky Mind – They Were All Wrong
(V) Mandragora – Reason in Madness
(V) Kiberspassk – Kikimora

BaGG – set 1 – Fenris
BaGG – set 2 – Spier
BaGG – set 3 – noise