‘cuz it’s Hot Baby ‘cuz it’s Go Go – 15 August, 2020

Djs: Fenris, noise, Spier

Savoy ft. Lobounce – Cata
Retrology – Prototype
Zhu & Nero – Dreams
Moris Blak ft. Darth Maler – I Wanted to Tell Her
Faderhead – Ctrl-Alt-Del
Daniel Deluxe – Star Eater
Alter Der Ruine – Wake the Dead
Rendez-Vous – Distance
Olga Gets – New Black
ESA – Bad Blood Will Out
Battle Juice – Serpent Head (Microchip Terror remix)
(V) VNV Nation – When Is The Future
(V) Maruv Boosin – Drunk Groove
(V) Nyxx – Nightmare
Aiboforcen – Shadows (the Synthetic Dream Foundation mix)
Siva Six – Forever (Technolorgy remix)
the Alpha and the Omega vs. Nevada Hardware – Giant Monsters on the Horizon
Front Line Assembly – Structures
ESA ft. Caitlyn Corlyx – You Are Safe Here
MajorVoice – Shot in the Silence
(V) STRVNGERS – This is Not a Phase
Nitronoise – Spit it Black
AD:KEY – Korper um Korper (10th Anniversery version)
XMH – Snakes
(V) Brioni Faith – Skyscrapers
Nachtmahr – Tanzdiktator
[X]-Rx – Escalate
(R)(V) Aesthetic Perfection – Big Bad Wolf
Vanguard – Save Me
(V) Kaleida – Think

Repo! – Zydrate Anatomy
(R) Type O Negative – Cinnamon Girl (Depressed Mode Mix)
London After Midnight – Kiss (Club Mix)
(V) The Sisters Of Mercy – More
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – ‘Cuz It’s Hot
Nitzer Ebb – Control I’m Here
Apoptygma Berzerk – Disarm (Alex O. Mix)
Assemblage 23 – Welcome Apocalypes (Alpha Quadrant Mix)
(V) She Hates Emotions – Edge Of The Night
(V) H.O.W. – Stalker Girl
(V) Nightwatchers – Insomnia
(V) Underworld – Born Slippy
Hadone – Miles Away
(V) KASST – Hell On Earth
(V) CORLYX – Porcelain Skin
(V) The Birthday Massacre – Leaving Tonight
(V) Powerman 5000 – Black Lipstick
Skinny Puppy – Optimissed
PreEmptive Strike 0.1 – Serve The Omnissiah
Hocico – About A Dead
Mindless Faith – Singular
(R)(V) Goth Brooks – She Thinks My Hearse Is Sexy
Cyanotic – Clear A Path (Economically Viable Edit)
(V) Randolph & Mortimer – Enjoy More
(V) Consolidated – This Is Fascism
Meat Beat Manifesto – Psyche-Out (Version 1)
Rotersand – Hot Ashes
(R) Night Club – Bad Girl (Big Time Kill Mix)
(V) Gesaffelstein – Pursuit (KLOUD Remix)

(V) A*O*A – Afraid of Americans
(V) Public Enemy – State of the Union
lvl – Mirror
Tool – Stinkfist (Inure remix)
Studio-X vs Simon Carter – Take Flight (2020 version)
Terrorgazm – Save Us (extended version)
Lazerpunk – Power (Sidewalks and Skeletons remix)
Gold Geisha – Nightingale
(R) Psilogod – Absolution
Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence (Sim0ne remix)
(V) Ladytron – Runaway
(V) Sister Machine Gun – Not My God
(V) Information Society – What’s On Your Mind?
(V) Brioni Faith – Cyber Sex
Cyber feat. Hatari – Hiauptu
Infected Mushroom – Kazabulu (Doubkore bootleg)
Magic Box – Carillon (Devochka cool bootleg)
Astrix – Closer to Heaven
Mr.What – Tribaligua (Electric Gene remix)
iiO – Rapture (Alchimyst bootleg)
the Killers – Somebody Told Me (Reverence tribute)
Fractal – Avare (Sokrates remix)
1200 Micrograms – Speed Freak
Zatox & Nikkita – Poltergeist (Simex remix)
Armin van Buuren – Blah Blah Blah (Binary Squad remix)
Terrolokaust – Just One Fix (Studio-X hard dance remix)
(V) ESA – Eat Their Young
(V) TR/ST – Four Gut
Dom Dolla – Take It
(V) Daft Punk – Technologic

‘cuz it’s Hot, Baby ‘cuz it’s Go Go – set 1 – Spier
‘cuz it’s Hot, Baby ‘cuz it’s Go Go – set 2 – Fenris
‘cuz it’s Hot, Baby ‘cuz it’s Go Go – set 3 – noise