Forbidden Bazaar Blood Lust Ball VII – 18 February, 2022

DJs: Lorth, Spier, dv8, noise

Die Robo Sapiens – Teufelskreis (Armageddon Dildos remix)
Alex – Occult II
NAYBR x NOMADsignal – Bolt
Unholy – Ego Sum Deus
Relic – Evoke (Glitch Mode dance mix)
Mega Drive – I am the Program (Perturbator remix)
Felix da Housecat – Future Calls the Dawn
Arvo Party – Chevy Chase

(V) ZHU, partywithray – Came for the Low
QUINZE – Le Gias
Johnny Hollow – Bogeyman (Alias One remix)
Vintage Culture & Future Class – Let Me Think About It

Stage set 1

Coopex & CPX & Aaron Richards & Raif – Believe
Public Enemy – Bring the Noize (Press Play x iZURRIA remix)
Cat Dealers – Pump It (YROR edit)
Motionless in White – Voices (synthwave edition)
(V) Betta Lemme – Give It

(V) Jean-Michel Jarre, Peaches – What You Want
(V) Beats Antique – Surges
(V) Sleepthief – The Chauffeur

Stage set 2

Kore-G, Cropley – Bleed
Mr.Black – Acid Rave
Neelix, Static Movement, Caroline Harrison – Nobody Can Deny
Element & Rinkadink – Fear is the Mindkiller
Skazi & Whiteno1se – Fight
Celldweller – We Will Never Die (Growling Machines remix)
Maneskin – I Wanna Be Your Slave (Ephesis remix)
Public Domain – Operation Blade (Dean Newton mix)

Moris Blak – Cataclysm (Static Starfight remix)
Straight Razor – the Thief
(V) One True God & Le Castle Vania – Bad Company
Gesaffelstein – Pursuit (Kloud remix)
(R) Black Tiger Sex Machine feat. Panther – Afterworld (Owl Vision remix)
Lazerpunk feat. Daniel Deluxe – Pandemic
(V) REZZ x Malaa – Criminals
WIB3X – Step Back
SWARZ – Leave Me Alone
50 Cent – Candy Shop (BLVCK COBRV remix)

Stage set 3

L, S, d, n
Disturbed – Forsaken
Swarm – Alone
(V) The Great Discord – Army of Me
(V) Mushroomhead – the Heresy
Uppermost – Revolution
Shahmen – Mark (Emr3ygul remix)
Lick & No Etiquette – Mankind
Quanta X Whitebear X Tribone – Biomagnetik (Whitebear mix)
Beatbender – Dark Water
Jan Blomqvist feat. Elena Pitoulis – More (Zuffo remix)
(R) Rotersand feat. Evendorff – Grey
Azzido Da Boss – Doom’s Night
Prince – When Doves Cry (bootleg speed garage remix)
(V) Eskimo Boys – We Got the Moves

Forbidden Bazaar Blood Lust Ball VII – set 1 – Lorth, Spier
Forbidden Bazaar Blood Lust Ball VII – set 2 – Spier, noise
Forbidden Bazaar Blood Lust Ball VII – set 3 – noise, dv8
Forbidden Bazaar Blood Lust Ball VII – set 4 – Lorth, Spier, noise, dv8