Hard Mondays S03E11 – 18 July 2022

DJs Fenris & Nitrogen

Joy Division – Passover
Iamtheshadow – Remind Me
Delphine Coma – Amphetamin Logic
(V) Then Comes Silence – Rise To The Bait
LETTEN 94 – Empty Landscapes
Bedless Bones – Where Is My Voice (tamhills remix)
(V) Mareux – The Perfect Girl
(V) ACTORS – Strangers
Kill Shelter feat. William Faith – Cover Me
Winter Severity Index – Cause And Effect
Creau Lies – Renegade
Tempers – Sightseeing
Xenturion Prime – Shades of Light
(V) Male Tears – Jaded
(V) Solitary Experiments – Wonderland
(V) Echoberyl – Mother Solitude (La Sorcière remix)
Zynic – I don’t Care
Wingtips – Repetitive
Batavia – Mailman (The Sasē Mix by Syrinx)
(V) Brighter Than A Thousand Suns – Apathy
Stabbing Westward – Slipping Away (2021 Remake)
Black Light Odyssey – Under Your Spell
Chainreactor – Unintentional Presence
[:SITD:] – Snuff Machinery (Extended)
Null Device – Flags (Klackmix)
The Seven Whores Of The Apocalypse – Splintered
(V) The Number H – Nothing
(V) XPQ-21 – Machines

Social Kid – Angel Exe
SET – All We Need is Time
Powernerd – Slipstream
Elm – Steel Hope (Main event mix)
KLVNE – Forsaken Blood
Hive – Straight Razor
Chainreactor, Dark Dimensions – Unintentional Presence
The Number H – Grief
(V) Hatari – X
Sierra – Last Breath
Rob Zombie – Dragula (micromort Remix)
Biomechanimal, Matteo Tura – Corrupt
Inhuman & Extra Terra – Control
Probass Hardi – КОЗАКИ ЙДУТЬ
Front 242 – Don’t Crash (The Hecker Remix)
Health – Identity
Black Light Odyssey – Destroy! (AEON Rings remix)
Transgression – Pace Limit
(V) Apashe – Witch
Aim to Head – Script
(V) Skren – Tunnel (Alen Skanner remix)
Loyd – Bunker II
(V) The Machine Talk – Phoenix
(V) DJ Mephesto – Bad Strike
Felix Cartal – Stranger Things Theme (After Dark mix)
Moris Blak – Candyman (Upgraded Version)
(V) Rammstein – Zick Zack
Virtual Terrorist – Megacity Zero
Metamorph – Love in the Wreckage (Xris SMack remix)
Ghost Data – The Twisted Spire vs Salt and Pepper Push it (Nitrogen live mashup)
(V) Republica – Ready to Go
(V) Dirty Vegas – Days Go By vs Seven Nation Army – White Stripes (Nitrogen live mashup)
(V) Electrix Six – Danger! High VOltage
(V) Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now vs the next song
(V) Yazoo vs Foreigner – Urgent Situation
(R)(V) Little Big – Sex Machine
(V) Run DMC vs Jason Nevins – It’s Like That vs Lenny Kravitz – Are You Gonna Go My Way (Nitrogen mashup)
(R)(V) Richard Cheese – Baby Stay The Fuck Away From Me