Hard Mondays Volume 2, Edition 24 – 11 October, 2021

DJs: Nitrogen, Fenris, noise

Unholy – Dominant Repetition
Encrypted – Menace
(V) Slighter – Light on Dark (Moris Blak remix)
(V) Blackbook – Join Us
(V) One True God – Move Slow vs Everytime
(V) Eisfabrik – Eisfabrik
CZARINA – Burn (Cure cover)
(V) Voicecoil – Nostalgia Trap
Christopher Tapia – Valkyrie
Infraction – First Shot
Impulse Control Disorder – NRNS (Leaether Strip remix)
ehph – Misery
Comfort Cure – Hands of Stone
Noir – Just Fascination (AEON Rings remix)
(V) Reakton – nano (Jan Ehret remix)
Daddybear – Science Fiction
Torul – The Sun
Hind | Matter – Weakness
Technomancer – I Want You (Zone Tripper remix)
Fach – Bounce
(V) Potochkine – Perferer see taire
Beyond Border – Construction (Frozen Plasma remix)
Assemblage 23 – Disappoint (2021 mix)
NLF3 – Hurricane
(V) Belzebass – Welcome to Hell
(V) Bjarki – I Wanna Go Bang
Space 92 – The Game
KUNI – Timefall

Leæther Strip – Waiting For The Night
(V) Light Asylum – Skull Fuct
The Irrepressibles – Dominance (Rue Oberkampf Remix)
(V) Minuet Machine – Don’t Run From The Fire
(V) Echoberyl – Mother Solitude (La Sorcière remix)
Aurat – 333
Hatari – Engin Miskunn (Leæther Strip Remix)
Velvet Acid Christ – Adventures In Babysitting The Antichrist
(V) I Ya Toyah – Out Of Order
(V) Stabbing Westward – Dead And Gone
(V) Then Comes Silence – Apocalypse Flare
(V) Kevorkian Death Cycle – The Ravens Fly
(V) Zanias – Untethered
(V) Mildreda – Inner Judgement
Sylac – Entropic Decay
Noise Unit – Plight
Fractions – Carbon Copy
(V) Kontravoid – Faceless
Cyber-Tec – Cauterized (K-Nitrate EBM Mix)
Red Meat – Wrapped In Leather (Grendel Remix)
BlakLight – Nightmares
She Hates Emotions – Turn Back The Time

Butthole Surfers – Human Cannonball
(V) Hocico – Backstabbers
(V) Erdlling – Götterdämmerung
(R) Crackdown – Magazine
Imperative Reaction – Glass
(V) Keyozah – Downward Spiraling
(V) VNV Nation – When is the Future?
(V) My Bloody Valentine – Soon
(V) Clan of Xymox – Lovers (Hante. remix)
(V) Tying Tiffany – One Second
(V) Blutengel – Wie Sand
(V) Black Plastic – Savage (ACTORS remix)
(R)(V) Ladytron – Destroy Everything You Touch
TECHROW – Come as You Are (techno mix)
Information Society – Would You Like Me if I Played Guitar?
(V) Dunproofin – Groove is in the Girls
(V) Apoptygma Berzerk – Unicorn
(R) Icon of Coil – Shallow Nation (2004 version)
(V) Nitzer Ebb – Murderous
(V) Dead Lights – the Host
(V) Capsule Network – Dubhe
(V) Eisfabrik – Maschinen
PTI – Databass
Crystal Geometry – Elektroshoker
(V) Ignez – Telomere
(V) Pribe – Run the Show
Interactive Noise – Do it Yourself
(V) Mr.Kitty – Insects