System Error – 29 May 2020

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DJs: Fenris, Nitrogendv8

Daniel B. Prothèse – Echolo+ung 2
(V) Rhys Fulber – Misery Whip
Liebknecht – Danzig
Phase Fatale – Anubis
Abyssal Chaos – Black Wolf (Unconscious Remix)
Rendered – Puppetskin
Blush Response – Unclean Spirit
Rawkorder – Sonic Assault
Schwefelbelb – Durch die Haare die Stirn
Azlack – Metal Knight (Raul Parra Remix)
Crystal Geometry – Pandemics
Odonis Odonis – Vision
Randolph & Mortimer vs Rouge – Sermon Three
Reka – Arrasadora Utopia
Ethan Fawkes – You Be3lieve In (Son of Chaos Remix)
Korrengal – I Am Your Voice
Binary Park – Voice Of The Gun
Chainreactor – Overcharging System
Forces – Run
Zanias – Extinction
Fractions – Move Your Body (Dance With Me)
Caffetine – Future’s Music (Ethan Fawkes Remix)
Marscapone – I Can’t See It (TRiMaR Remix)


iVardensphere – Virus (Outbreak)
Reaper – X-Junkie (Grendel remix)
Huoratron – Bug Party
Mix Hell – Highly Explict (Huoratron mix)
Nachtmahr – War on the Dance Floor
(V) Combichrist – This is my Rifle (Sgt Hartman mix)
(R) Grendel – Soilbleed V3)
(R) Blakopz – Long Live the New Flesh
(V) The Synthetic Dream Foundation – A Silvered Freeze
(V) Empirion – I am Electronic
(V) The Prodigy – Firestarter
(V) PHOSGORE – Here Comes The Pain
(V) M.O.D. – Broken Machinery
(R) X-RX – Stage 2
(V) Noisuf-X – The Typical Fuck You Song
(V) SHIV-R – Escape Velocity
Alien Vampires – Harsh Drugs and BDSM

(V) 3TEETH – Atrophy
(V) Ludovico Technique – Deeper Into You
(V) Not My God – Fiction
(V) Hocico – Drowning
(V) SITD – Genesis
(V) Sirus – Full Scale Revolt
(V) Decoded Feedback – Pheonix
(V) Amduscia – Existe
(V) Faderhead – No Gods, No Flags, No Bullshit
(V) Caustic – Fuck in a Suit
(V) Suicide Commando – Evacuate
Accessory – War of Emotions (Feindflug remix)
NWA – Fuck Tha Police (Figure Bootleg)
DV8R – Protocol (Faderhead remix)
(V) Snog – Cheerful Hypocrisy (Aesthetic Perfection remix)
(R) S.A.M. – Syntax Error
Tactical Sekt – Uncivil Liberties
(V) Birmingham6 – Police State
Stahlnebel & Black Selket – A Fatal Desire (cover)
(V) Detroit Diesel – All Lost Before Dawn
(V) Chamaeleon – Suppression

Noisuf-X – Kick Your FUcking Teeth In
(V) Infectect Mushroom – Becoming Insane
(V) The Podiigy – Omen
Gendel – Zombie Nation 2k5
Bruderschaft – Heminatdrde
(V) C-LAB – Despuse Del Apocalipils
(V) Funker Voght – Sick Man
(V) Powerman 5000 – When World COlide
(V)EXTIZE – Industial Kombat
C-Tec – Feotel
ESA – Remember
*** End of the System Error night***