Virtual Hard Mondays : Session 4 – 25 May, 2020

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DJs: noise, Nitrogen, dv8, Fenris

(V) the Birthday Massacre – In the Dark
(V) the Frozen Autumn – Is Everything Real
(V) Selofan – I am Addicted
(V) She Past Away – Katarsis
(V) Henric de la Cour – Two Against One
(V) Sidewalks and Skeletons – Blood
(V) Clan of Xymox – Loneliness
(V) Nightmare Air – Who’s Your Lover
(V) Peter Murphy – I Spit Roses
d.notive – Second Chances
(V) In Strict Confidence – Seven Lives
(V) Gary Numan – I Am Dust (alternate video)
(V) Lizette Lizette – Sober Up
(R) De/Vision – Your Hands On My Skin (Beborn Beton remix)
Brussels Pony Club – the Beat
Fictional – Dream of God
Blinky Blinky Computerband – Walking Through Thin Air
(V) Kelular – Vitreum
(R) Seabound – Poisonous Friend (club remix)
(V) Happy Mondays – 24 Hour Party People

Leaether Strip – The Chauffeur
Moris Blak – Pain
_the Boundless_ – Stomper
Velvet Acid Christ – Conjuro
Lazerpunk – Black Lambo (Quixotic remix)
(V) Night Club – Your Addiction
(V) Eddie – Still Healing
(V) Massive Attack – Angel
Aglory – Nyctophillia
Ivardensphere – Bonedance V3
Apoptygma Berzerk – Kathy’s Song (Litteraturhuset versjon)
Black Tiger Sex Machine – Afterworld (Owl Vision remix)
Kanga – Vital Signs
(V) Stoneburner vs Out Out – Butyric Acid 2019
(V) KMFDM – Anarchy
C-Tec – Stateless
(V) Decoded Feedback – Phoenix
(V) Hatari – Englin Miskunn
(V) Kloud – Error
Nitzer Ebb – Getting Closer
Priest – Obey
(V) Solar Fake – Under Control

(R) Bat For Lashes – Mount Eden (Dubstep remix)
(V) Health – Tears
(V) Das Ich – Reanimat
(V) Zola Jesus – Exhumed
Silke Bischoff – Under Your Skin
(V) Wumpscut – Wreath of Barbs
(R) London After Midnight – Kiss
(V) Covenant – Bullet
Die Form – Rain of Blood
(V) Sleepless Droids – The End
Assemblage 23 – Anthem
Aesthetic Perfection – A Quiet Anthem
Qntal – Ad Mortem Festinamus
X Marks the Pedwalk – T.O.L.
And One – The Secret
Rotersand – A Strange Kind of Love
Edge of Dawn – Elegance (On the Floor mix)
Destroid – Passion

(V) Recoil – Faith Healer
(R) Project Pitchfork – Storm Flower
(V) She Hates Emotions – Edge Of The Night
Empathy Test – Fear of Disappearing
(V) ADULT. – Tonight We Fall
(V) I Ya Toyah – It’s No Good
(V) Statiqbloom – Morturary
(R) My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – Burning Dirt
(R) Informatik – Falling
(V) Clan of Xymox – Lovers (Hante. Remix)
(V) Fix8:Sed8 – Lynch
(V) Dead When I Found Her – Downpour
Front Line Assembly – Synthetic Forms
(V) The Devil & The Universe – Danaus Plexippus

Virtual Hard Mondays : Session 4 – set 1 – noise
Virtual Hard Mondays : Session 4 – set 2 – Nitrogen
Virtual Hard Mondays : Session 4 – set 3 – dv8
Virtual Hard Mondays : Session 4 – set 4 – Fenris
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