the Garden – 31 January, 2021

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DJs: noise, Fenris

Blue Stahli – Daylight
Sam Rosenthal & Projekt Artists feat. Allyson Grey – Trip 3
Akara – the Enchanted Island
(V) Bassnectar – Reaching Out
Kaminanda – Heaven and Earth
(V) Boogie Belgique – One Day Soon
H.U.V.A. Network – Dissolving Time
Arcturus – Council of Twelve
Conjure One – Make a Wish
(V) Helene Vogelsinger – Ceremony
Joey Fehrenbach – Behold
Crustation – Purple
Nonex – Smells Like Teen Spirit
(V) Vessels – 4AM
(V) Massive Attack feat. Hope Sandoval – the Spoils
(V) Moby feat. Apollo Jane – Too Much Change
Shpongle – Strange Planet…
Desert Dwellers – Subterranean Sanctuary (Aligning Minds remix)

(V) GusGus – Stay The Ride
Rather Sound Than Safe – Raindance
Depeche Mode – The Things You Said
(V) Léonie Pernet – African Melancholia
Syntax – Message
Hybrid – Keep It In The Family
(V) Zola Jesus – Ash To Bone (Johnny Jewel Remix)
SPC ECO – Catch The Moon
Azam Ali – Nyra
Restricted – Fade To Black
(V) Psy’Aviah feat. Mari Kattman – Lost At Sea
Timecop1983 – Back To You (feat. The Bad Dreamers)
(V) Kite – TranåsStenslanda
(V) Let’s Eat Grandma – Deep Six Textbook
Them Are Us Two – Grey Water
Cocteau Twins – Otterley
Lookbook – Believe The Hype
Empathy Test – Demons
Lessons – Moonshot
Hearts of Black Science – SIgnal
Aes Dana – Blossom

the Garden – set 1 – noise
the Garden – set 2 – Fenris