the Poison Garden – 25 October, 2020

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DJs: Fenris, noise

Colin Cameron Allrich – Black Gate
(V) Anna Von Hausswolff – Sacro Bosco
Raison D’Etre – Falling Twilight
Dream Divison – Sapphire Skull
John Carpenter – Bela Lugosi
(V) The Devil & The Universe – Danaus Plexippus
Faith & The Muse – The Chorus Of The Furies
(V) Trobar de Morte – Summoning The Gods
Zanias – Uroboros
David Bowie – Sense of Doubt
Bauhaus – Hollow Hills
This Mortal Coil – Come Here My Love
Black Tape For A Blue Girl – The Gravediggers
(V) Chelsea Wolfe – Be All Things
Lycia – The Devil
The Harrow – Perpetual Motion
(V) H Ø R D – The Black Tree
Bat For Lashes – Vampires
Twin Tribes – Obsidian
Joy Division – I Remember Nothing
The Sisters of Mercy – Afterhours
(V) Ego Likeness – When The Wolves Return

Faith & Disease – Hashivenu
Not Breathing – Monsoons With Kraid
Anchorage – Abandoned
Lighthouse in Darkness – Monochromatic Memories
Rajna – Sunyata
Collection d’Arnell Andrea – By the Pond
Qntal – Ab Vox d’Angel
Lacuna Coil – Falling
Coil – Are You Shivering?
Midnight Syndicate – the Legend of Paul Bunyan
(V) Vemodalen – the Fear That Everything Has Already Been Done
Ophelia’s Dream – the Fall of the House Of
(V) Forest Swords – Panic
the Legendary Pink Dots – Fate’s Faithful Punchline
(V) David J Haskins – the Rape of the Rose Garden
Philip Glass – Prophecies
Love and Rockets – Haunted When the Minutes Drag

the Poison Garden – set 1 – Fenris
the Poison Garden – set 2 – noise