Virtual Hard Mondays : Session 26 – Darker Monday – 26 October, 2020

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DJs: noise, Fenris, dv8, Nitrogen

(V) Nox Arcana – Night of the Wolf
Dead Can Dance – Cantara
Faith & The Muse – Cantus
(V) Diary of Dreams – The Wedding
Cranes – Leaves of Summer
(V) The Damned – Shadow of Love
(V) 16 Horsepower – Black Soul Choir
(V) Concrete Blonde – Ghost of a Texas Ladies Man
(V) Fields of the Nephilim – Preacher Man
Angels of Liberty – Touch The Daemon
Strap On Halo – Perish
(V) Clan of Xymox – She
(V) Kælan Mikla – Draumadís
(V) She Past Away – Disko Anksiyete
(V) The Birthday Massacre – Leaving Tonight
How To Destroy Angels – Ice Age (The Soft Moon remix)
(V) Shadow Age – Silaluk
H ø R D – Futures
FTR – Black Sand

(V) Daniel Deluxe – Darkness
(V) Spankthenun – Rotting Meat
(V) Rezz X Yulltron – Hell on Earth
Owl Vision – Terror
(V) Basszilla – Hell Rave
(V) One True God – Afraid of the Dark
(V) Rammstein – Du Rechst So Gut
(V) Rob Zombie – Pussy Liquor
Concrete Blonde – Bloodletting
(V) Wolfsheim – The Sparrows and the Nightingales
Fee Lion – Blood Sisters (Kontravoid remix)
Oogie Boogie Song (Electro Swing remix)
Ministry – Everyday is Halloween (Razed in Black remix)
(V) Zombie Girl – Creepy Crawler
(V) Juno Reactor – Zombie
Grendel – ZombieNation V2K5
Iron Court – Drag the Abyss
(V) Santa Hates You – Raise the Devil
(V) Neuroticfish – They are Coming to Take Me Away

(R) We Are the Fallen – Bury Me Alive
Solemn Novena – Kiss the Girls
Guignol – 1000 Tyrants
(V) Leetspeak Monsters – Monster’s Party
(V) Alexander Dust – Gods are Silent
(V) Minuit Machine – Battles
(V) Nightmare Air – Who’s Your Lover
(V) the Frozen Autumn – Is Everything Real
(V) Henric de la Cour – Two Against One
Switchblade Symphony – Dissolve
She Wants Revenge – Red Flags and Long Nights
Corlyx – White Wolf
(V) Clan of Xymox – Muscoviet Musquito
(V) Panic Priest – Lonely City
Blutengel – Engelsblut
Bella Morte – the Rain Within Her Hands
Collection d’Arnell Andrea – Saules Sans Vox
Harm Joy – Inside Out (Chrom remix)
(V) Autumn – the Fall

(V) The Rope – Water to Wine
(V) The Cult – She Sells Sanctuary
Panic Priest – In All Severity
Clone Culture – You Are the One (Club Edit)
Talk to Her – No Other View
Two Moons – Sex and Desire
Witch of the Vale – Commemorate (Grendel mix)
Rein – Puppetmaster
Paradox Obscur – Fester (Alt. mix)
Klack – Everything We Wanted
(V) TR/ST – Rescue, Mister
(V) Zola Jesus – Dangerous Days
(V) Wolfsheim – It’s Hurting For The First Time
(V) Sarah McLachlan – Into the Fire
(V) Peter Murphy – Cuts You Up
(V) Cocteau Twins – Pearly Dewdrops
(V) Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue – Where The Wild Roses Grow
(V) The Cure – Lullaby
(V) Coil – Windowpane
Silke Bischoff – Under Your Skin

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