Thursday a Go Go – 04 February, 2021

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DJs: DJ SLT, Jarvis, Overdrive


(R) Ephadream – Cellular Memory (Segments 3 and 4)
Front 242 – Crapage
Fever Ray – Plunge
Mr. Kitty – XIII
VCMG – Windup Robot
VNV Nation – Epicentre
Wolfsheim – Once In A Lifetime
Xymox – Obsession
(V) CHVRCHES – Clearest Blue
(V) Depeche Mode – Just Can’t Get Enough
(V) The Timelords (aka The KLF) – Doctorin’ The TARDIS
(V) Nine Inch Nails – Head Like A Hole
(V) Information Society – What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy)
(V) Robyn – Dancing On My Own
(V) The Presets – 14U 14ME
(V) Goo Munday – Fuck Your Fear (Mr. Kitty remix)
(V) Aeon Rings – Drowning
(V) Aesthetic Perfection – LAX
(V) Juno Reactor – Let’s Turn On
(V) ASYS – The Acid
(V) Ghost – Square Hammer

(V) Rezz – Orbit
IAMX + Cevin Key – Anger Is An Acid
Donbor – Bleed Out
(V) Gary Numan – Intruder
David Bowie – The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Trent Reznor Remix)
Faderhead – The Harsh Rejector
(R)(V) Night Club – Dear Enemy
Moris Blak – Druglicker
(V) Skold – Fiction
(V) Wulfband – 3,2,1, Nein
Rabbit Junk – Reveal
Lazerpunk – Covenant
Xenturion Prime – Bulldozer
(V) Randolph & Mortimer – Enjoy More
(V) Basszilla – Hell Rave
(V) Stoneburner – Amnesialand
Kanga – Vital Signs
(V) Fix8:Sed8 – pROGNOSIs
(V) System Syn – Once Upon a Second Act
God Module – Corpses
:Wumpscut: – Soylent Gruen
Radioaktivists – Raiders
Mind.In.A.Box – What Used To Be
(V) The Anix – Ephemeral

Giorgio Moroder – Chase
(R) Assemblage 23 – Let the Wind Erase Me
(V) Apoptygma Berzerk – Starsign
(V) Scarlet Dorn – Proud & Strong
(V) Ultra Sunn – Distress
Angels & Agony – Darkness
Icon of Coil – Consumer
(V) Namnambulu – Memories
(V) A Projection – Darwin’s Eden
VNV Nation – Joy
Agent Side Grinder – Allisin Sane
Leæther Strip – Turn to Stone
KMFDM – Light (Excessive Force Dub)
Toxiferous – Lets put a Smile
Reactor 7X – The Cycle of Life
(V) Denis Pauna – Personal Jesus

Jarvis, Overdrive
(V) Lindemann – Steh Auf
(V) Ministry – N.W.O.
(V) Eisbrecher – Zwischen uns
Hocico – Bite Me!
(V) Echo and the Bunnymen – The Killing Moon

Thursday a Go Go – set 1 – DJ SLT
Thursday a Go Go – set 2 – Jarvis and Overdrive