Virtual Hard Mondays : Session 10 – 06 July, 2020

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DJs: noise, Nitrogen, dv8, Fenris

Unkle – Eye for an Eye (Dylan Rhymes vs Force Mass Motion remix)
Bombfunk MC’s – Freestyler 2019
Gesaffelstein – OPR
Luxide – Mobius Strip
3TEETH – Pumped Up Kicks
(V) The Prodigy – Fight FIre with Fire
(V) Gary Newman – I am Dust
(V) Depeche Mode – It’s no Good
(V) Grendel – Brace the Storm
Front Line Assembly – Vigilante
(V) White Zombie – Thunderkiss 65
(V) Consoladated – Capitalism
Daddybear – Ache for Pleasue
(V) Panter Modern – Body Reaction
(V) Slighter x Moris Blak – The Hunt
(V) Hatari – Engin Miskunn
(R) Modulate – Skullfuck
(V) Blutengel + Hocico – Obscured
Alien Vampires – The Covenat Burns
Funker Vogt – City of Darkness
(V) The Cult – She Sells Sanctuary
(V) Priest – Vaudevile
(V) Infected Mushroom – Smashing the Opponent

(V) Metalispurhunde – Moloch
(V) Clan of Xymox – All I Ever Know
(V) Perturbator – Sentient
(V) Emika – Centuries
(V) Polica – Lime Habit
(R) the Cure – Prayers for Rain
(R) Terrorgazm – No Pain Allowed (Prestige remix)
(R) Extize – Gun, Gasoline & Cowbell
Xperiment – This is War (Antythesys remix)
the Synthetic Dream Foundation – Formless Beasts
Noisuf-X – I Am Like God
Stoneburner – Teardrop
(V) J.S. Ondara – Saying Goodbye
(V) Mary Jane Coles – Weak
(V) Night Club – Your Addiction
(V) Portishead – Sour Times
(V) Aesthetic Perfection – Never Enough
(V) Yello – Waba Duba

C-Tec – Stateless
Liebknecht – ICE Over Erfurt
[:SITD:] – Suffering In Solitude (Transcription)
(V) Solitary Experiments – Achromatic
Zanias – Endling
(V) Black Nail Cabaret – No Gold
Luminance – Obsession
SPC ECO – Delusional Waste (Blump Mix)
(V) Stabbing Westward – Dead And Gone
The Birthday Massacre – Enter
(V) She Hates Emotions – Edge of the Night
Empathy Test – Fear of Disappearing
Seabound – Without You
Voicecoil – The Mirror’s Answer
Mind.In.A.Box. – Walking
(V) Faderhead feat. Solar Fake – I Did Not Know
(V) Agent Side Grinder – Inner Noises
(V) Hante. – Wild Animal

(R) noisuF-X – Happy Birthday
(V) Adoration Destroyed – Carnal Dirge
Pete Crane – You Are Not Your Body (Moris Blak remix)
Blackbook – People Are Fake
(V) Not My God – Fiction
(V) Hocico – Drowning
(V) Sirus – Full Scale Revolt
(V) Front Line Assembly – Structures
Elz and the Cult – Horrified
(V) Toys No More – Atmen Tanzen
(V) CygnosiC – As We Approach the End
(V) Projekt Pitchfork feat. Sue – Ascension
(V) Dive – Let Me In
Moris Blak feat. Amelia Arsenic – Upgrade Me
(V) Die Krupps feat. Jyrki69 – Chinese Black
(V) In Strict Confidence – Everything Must Change
(V) Rotersand – Hey You
Xotox – UFO (Pete Crane remix)
Avarice in Audio feat. Assemblage 23 – I Pray
(V) Imperative Reaction – Surface
(V) Terrorklaust – Just One Fix
(V) XP8 – Burning Down
(V) Left Spine Down – She’s Lost Control

Hard Mondays : Session 10 – set 1 – Nitrogen
Hard Mondays : Session 10 – set 2 – noise
Hard Mondays : Session 10 – set 3 – Fenris
Hard Mondays : Session 10 – set 4 – dv8
©2021 the artists and performers of Ground Zero