Virtual Hard Mondays : Session 7 – 15 June, 2020

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DJs: noise, Nitrogen, dv8, Fenris

(V) Shpongle – How the Jellyfish Jumpee Up the Mountian
Rotersand – I Feel You Don’t
Suicide Commando – Mordabrik
Hocico – Forgotten Tears (Suicide Commando remix)
Marscapone – I Can’t See It
Caustic – Fuck That Fascist Beat (Silver Walks Remix)
(V) Night Club – GIve Yourself Up
(V) Front 242 – Headhunter
The Subs – Breath
(V) Basszilla – RetroGods
Bloodtone – Drag Me Down
Depeche Mode Personal Jesus (Bloodtone remix)
Chemical Brothers – Do It Again
Pete Crane – At the End of All Things
Boys Noize – Choker
(V) The Prodigy – Their Law
(V) Blutengel – Aeber Den Horizont
(V) Fee Lion – My Man (Minimal Violence remix)
(V) iVardenshere – Sentient Wave Form
Moris Blak – Strange Eternal
Apop – Unicorn (T. Schmidt Und A Deal Tanzmischung mix)
(V) Black Tiger Sex Machne – Rezorechta

(V) Boy Harsher – Send Me a Vision
Beborn Beton – Deeper Than the Usual Feeling
Brussels Pony Club – Don’t Look Back
Fragrance – Gone in a Wink
(V) Light Asylum – Skull Fuct
Vidkid vs Foil Conduit vs Mainline Iodine – Smothered Hope
VNV Nation – Retaliate
(R) Pendulum – the Island (DeepDelic remix)
Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name Of (Rafael Manga unofficial remix)
Mechanical Moth – Black Queen Style
Vdoc feat. Project Caretaker – Engel (remixed by Eisfabrik)
Nine Inch Nails – Sin (Casino Gold remix)
Shiv-R – Eye of the Needle (Cellhavoc remix)
Heavygrinder – Evolution
(V) Milliken Chamber – Bodies
(V) I:Scintilla – Skin Tight

(V) Bauhaus – She’s In Parties
Grace Jones – She’s Lost Control (Long Version)
(V) Leftfield feat. Afrika Bambaataa – Africa Shox
(R)(V) REIN – Bruises
Hante. – Wild Animal (Fee Lion Remix)
O.Children – Ruins (Jokers Of The Scene Remix)
FTR – Black Sand
(V) SURE – Another Girl
(V) Then Comes Silence – We Lose The Night
Zanias – Harmaline
(V) Drab Majesty – Too Soon To Tell
(V) Mount Sims – Grave
(V) Azam Ali – Shallow Then Halo (live)
(V) Barry Adamson – They Walk Among Us
(V) I Ya Toyah – It’s No Good
(V) Wingtips – Deaf Pursuit
(R) The Soft Moon – Black
(V) LEATHERS – Missing Scene
(V) Curve – Coast Is Clear
(V) Gary Numan – Dominion Day
(V) The Mission – Tower Of Strength
Empathy Test – Love Moves

(V) Lame Immortelle – Letztes Licht
(V) TR/ST – Iris
(V) Adoration Destroyed – Carnal Dirge
(V) Nyxx – Diabolical
(V) Esoterik – Seidhr
(V) This Eternal Decay – Fade Away
(V) Ashbury Heights – Glow
(V) Project Pitchfork – I Live Your Dream
(V) Clan of Xymox – Lovers (Hante remix)
(V) Scheuber – Smoker
Anna Lux & Faderhead – Sanctuary
(V) Rotersand – Whatever
Sensuous Enemy – Whispers (Heliosphere Invocation mix)
(V) Black Asteroid feat. Zola Jesus – Howl
Destroid – Passion
Razed in Black – Share This Poison
Icon of Coil – We Need (Club mix)
VNV Nation – Control
(V) Aesthetic Perfection feat. Nikki Misery – Bye Bye Bye
(V) Hot Chip – I Feel Better

Hard Mondays Session 7 – set 1 – Nitrogen
Hard Mondays Session 7 – set 2 – noise
Hard Mondays Session 7 – set 3 – Fenris
Hard Mondays Session 7 – set 4 – dv8