Virtual Hard Mondays : Session 9 – 29 June, 2020

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DJs: noise, Nitrogen, dv8, Fenris

Delos – Night View
Iris – Sound Becomes Waves
The New Division – Modus
(V) ALEX feat. Rachel McAlpine – Youth
Beborn Beton – Daisy Cutter (Iris Remix)
(V) TR/ST – Iris
Empathy Test – Love Moves
(V) Ladytron – The Island
(V) Black Nail Cabaret – Voyage Voyage
(V) Wolfsheim – A New Starsystem Has Been Explored
(V) Depeche Mode – Shake The Disease
(V) Light Asylum – A Certain Person
Radioaktivists – Pieces of Me
CABLE – Heartbreaker
Aesthetische – One In This World (Feat. Mari Kattman)
Pink Gloves – Dancing On My Own
(V) Boy Harsher – Motion
(V) Solitary Experiments- Achromatic
(V) Mr.Kitty – Detach

Chromatics – Whispers in the Hall
(V) Low – Breaker (animated version)
(V) Alice Glass – Without Love
(V) Sleepthief with Kirsty Hawkshaw – the Chauffeur
(V) CHVRCHES – the Mother We Share
(V) the Big Pink – Dominoes
(V) Slowdive – Don’t Know Why
(V) Cocteau Twins – Heaven or Las Vegas
(V) Massive Ego – I Idolize You
(V) RJD2 – Ghostwriter
(V) Royksopp and Robyn – Monument (the inevitable end verion)
(V) Fix8:Sed8 – Baptism of Fire
(V) Slighter – Light on dark (Moris Blak remix)
Garbage – #1 Crush (Indisin remix)
Kalya Scintilla – Sufi
(V) Juno Reactor – God is God
(V) Siouxsie and the Banshees – Kiss Them for Me
(V) Haujobb – Dead Market
(R)(V) Little Big – Hypnodancer

Stromkern – Re-Align (Cut.Rate.Box remix)
EMP – eror
Fluke – Zion
Sirus – L.O.I.C.
Imperative Reaction – Scorpio
Bloodtone – Black Noise
VNV- Tomorrow Never Comes (Reaper mix)
Orgy – Blue Monday (Moris Blak remix)
Jay Frog – Acid
iVardensphere – Seven Gates
Gravity Kills – Guilty (Juno Reaction remix)
(V) Muse – Uprising
UMEK – Exotise Umek
(V) Boy Harsher – Pain (Fashion 1995)
Faderhead – Starchaser
(V) Front Line Assembly – Iceolate
Suicide Commando – Hellraiser 2019
Sworn Enemy – No Apologgies
(V) OGRE – Type Beat
(V) Project Pitchfork – Rain
(V) Die Form – Rain of Blood
(R) Garbage – Only Happy When it Rains

Hand In Waves – Farsky
(V) And One – Sometimes
(V) Esoterik – Seidhr
Tourl – The Sooner the Better
Strvngers – Crusifixxx
Elz and the Cult – Horrified
Blackcell – At the Door
(R) Beborn Beton – Another World
De/Vision – Blue Moon (12″ mix)
Ravenous – Religion
Apoptygma Berzerk – Mourn (APB remix)
(V) Rothersand – Whatever
VNV Nation – Rubicon
Covenant – We Stand Alone
Shiv-R – Eye of the Needle (Thanosmylonas remix)
(V) The Juggernauts – Infected
(V) Black Asteroids feat. Zola Jesus – Howl
(V) Schiller mit Heppner – I Feel You
Kloq – I Never Said
(V) Enomine – Mitternacht
Das Saint – This Is My Life

Nitrogen BASSment

Rezz X Eddie- Stress
Rude Boy – Timeloop Flip
Slayer – Raing lood (Aylen remix)
(V) LSDREAM – Shadow Slef
(V) Bassnector – Reaching Out
(V) Mr Kristopher
NIN – Only (Tripplesicksz rmix)
Boys Noize – Overthrow (303 remix)
(V) Daniel Delxe – Almaz
(V) LSDream – Pheenix
(V) Night Club – Your Addiction
Aestetic Perection – Wickedness
Royskopp – Skulls
Pete Crane – You Are Not Your Body
(V) Hocio – Drowning
(V) ESA – Bad Blood Will Out
(V) SITD – Genisis
(V) PE – Harder Than You THink (Featurecast Remix)
(V) Skrillix – Repltile
(V) Depeche Mode –Policy of Truth
Sofi Tuker – Batshit
(V) Sofit TUker – HouseArrst
Wash & Conrad – shany Disco Balls
(V) Todick Hall – Mask, Soap, Scrubs

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