Virtual Hard Mondays Volume 2, Edition 7 – 14 June, 2021

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DJs: Fenris, Nitrogen, noise, dv8

Unknowndivide – Existence
Zanias – Rise
T.O.Y. – Silent Soldiers
(V) Hybrid – Sky Full Of Diamonds
(V) Pink Turns Blue – There Must Be So Much More
(V) Clan of Xymox – Brave New World
(V) Odonis Odonis – Impossible
Mind.In.A.Box. – Take My Soul
(V) NamNamBulu – Memories
VNV Nation – Testament
(V) I Ya Toyah – Death’s Kiss
(V) Perturbator – Death Of The Soul
(V) Cassie Raptor – Importing Histories
Lights of Euphoria – True Life (VNV Nation Remix)
Seabound – Hooked (Radical Mix)
(V) Third Realm – Gazing At The Stars
(V) H.O.W. – Stalker Girl
(V) Bara Hari – Weapon

Warm Gadget – Snowbeasts
Firat Karakilic – Pharaoh
(V) Hyper – Clockwork
Lick – Dimension
(V) Siousxsie and the Banshees – Kiss Them For Me
Public Image Limited – The Body
Misanthropix – Sisters of Disorder
Urban Matrix – E is for Electronic
(V) The Neon Droid – Devil Groove
(V) Slighter – Complicit
Z6B33R – Night Terrrors
(V) Alice Glass – Forgiveness
(V) Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (Banned video)
(V) Kanga – Moscow
Stabbing Westword – Everyday Is Halloween
(R)(V) Clan of Xymox – Lovers
Plack Blague – Joie de Blague
Carbon Martyr – Mind of Man
Super Dragon Punch – Select
(V) T3RROR #RROR – We Came To Party
(V) Beastie Boys – So What Cha Want

(R)(V) LP Giobbi feat. Little Boots – Meet Again
Alok, Glimmer of Blooms – My Head (can’t get you out)
Blue Foundation – Eyes on Fire (Michael Bibi remix)
Synapsyche – Lift Me Up
Aesthetic Perfection & Chemical Sweet Kid – Lockdown
(V) Röyksopp and Robyn – Monument (Olof Dreifer remix)
(V) Eats Everything – Honey
(V) Maor Levi & BT feat. Nation of One – Here
(V) Bestial Mouths – Unshivered (ADULT. remix)
(V) DVBBS – Fool For Ya
Rhys Fulder – Tension
(V) Ribb[]n – Stuck Together
(V) Depeche Mode – Behind the Wheel (Maxiblues remix)
(V) Utah Saints – Love Song
(V) TR/ST – Sulk
Argy – Only Now (Dominik Schwarz remix)
Fatboy Slim feat. Bootsy Collin – Weapon of Choice (Lazy Rich remix)
Extra Terra feat. Lazerpunk – Damage
Favio Miotto – Wanna Die
Assemblage 23 – the Noise Inside My Head (Grendel remix)
Evoxx – I Don’t Care

(V) Devour – Paris Alexander feat. Eirene
(V) Mansfield. TYA – Auf Wiedesehen
(V) Grausame Tochter – …Und Ich Fuhle Nichts
(V) Agnis – Light and Fire
(V) Gloria de Oliveria – Falling in Space (Fragrance remix)
(V) Echobeyryl – Into the Beyond
(V) Technique – Connected
(V) Astronomer 33 – Inverted Sides
(V) Dear Deer – Thanatomorphosis
(V) Balvanera – Medium
(V) Figure Section – Spectre
(V) Oliver feat. XTR Human – Leathered Storm
(V) L. – Discipline (Hante. remix)
(V) Black Plastic feat. Andre Obin – Bite
(V) Dead Lights – The Host
(V) Chainreactor – Grey
(V) ESA – Burial 10
(V) Denuit – Negative Wave
(V) Kat von D – Exorcism

Virtual Hard Mondays Volume 2, Edition 7 – set 1 – Fenris
Virtual Hard Mondays Volume 2, Edition 7 – set 2 – Nitrogen
Virtual Hard Mondays Volume 2, Edition 7 – set 3 – noise
Virtual Hard Mondays Volume 2, Edition 7 – set 4 – dv8